Investment: High Rated Players

High rated players are currently very cheap. Based on graphs from FIFA 20, they tend to rise nicely in the first weekend after the web app drops.ย 

Here are the prices I’m interested in for certain ratings:

  • 84s: XBOX 2k PS4 2k PC 2k
  • 85s: XBOX 4k PS4 4k PC 4k
  • 86s: XBOX 6k PS4 6k PC 6k
  • 87s: XBOX 8k PS4 8k PC 8k

You can use this FUTBIN chart to find updated cheapest players for their respective ratings.

As always, try to target players with good leagues, clubs, nations, and positions. A few players that I would be particularly interested in are Lucas Leiva (performed well in FIFA 20), Luis Alberto (performed well in FIFA 20), and David Silva (potential OTW card).ย 



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hey chief i just resubscribed to u and now i cant seem to get into the discord server. Any idea on how to fix that? my patreon is connected to the discord account, but i cant see the server in discord.


do i have to add u as a discord friend for that? if so whats ur tag? Or am i being dumb right now?


ok, i sent u one


Hi Chief, i subscribed on patreon for 20$, i am not able to send you a private message there, not going through when i click send button, also i want to know how to make discord work, thanks


kareem eldeeb on patreon, same pic as here, thanks chief


What do you think will yield better ROI, these high rated or PR errors? Thanks


Hi Chief

The prices for high rated players are rising, is it still time to invest in them ?

also, I just packed Lloris and Jimenez, do I sell or wait until the week end ?


Hey chief, whenโ€™s a good time to sell David silva?


hi chief, do u think every extinct player with a max price range of 10k will get a new price range? a player like diogo jota is currently extinct at 10K.