Q & A Tuesday – Week 4

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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Chief, do you have any idea abt if the market gonna raise again or not?


Hey chief, what are your thoughts on OOP card movements this year. There have been a number of instance where in previous years these were bankers, and they are now exposed to large market dips. Are these isolated incidents due to over-investment? Or is the market behaving very differently compared to previous years?

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Hi, i sold almost my whole team, and i got 900k, should i invest in players or buy players when the market goes down even more?


Do you think Florenzi will get an IF today an what will his OTW card price be


Hi guys and chief,

Is there somebody that can tell me what your investing week looks like?
So from Monday till Sunday? I am curious how I get coins/investing all days?

For instance I bought UEFA MM players yesterday, so what is the best to do today? Buy possible totw 4 players?

Thanks guys for your info about investing!




Regular MM SBC is released on thursday. You could probably get the players for cheap tonight, when UEFA MM packs are opened.


Good one! thanks, will be investing on that one too then!

steven guo

chief, i have like 10 odegaards, i bought them for 4k, their pirce have dropped to 3k on pc, should i sell them now or wait a bit longer?


Does Odegaard not stay OOP with both OTW Teams in packs soon?


Shall I hold on to OTW hakimi & osimhen or just take a loss and sell them?


When you have invested in a lot of the same card should you list them all up at once or list them up in batches?


Situation: Invested in soon-to-be OOP gold players who are likely to receive an inform.

Edit: We’re talking 50+ of the same card.

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Alright, thanks Chief!


My team is worth around 300k, is it worth selling it now and buying it back again towards the end of the week. Will everyone go down in price?


Hi Chief,
2 questions for ya.

1. Typically its recommended to sell on hype, but does this apply to all investments? e.g, invested in few Bayern golds, and can make profit if I sell now. Thinking of perhaps selling half now, and risking other half for this eve to see whats on MM.

2. I invested in lots of 83-86 players yday, all are selling now for profit. Better to sell now and rebuy this eve?

As always, appreciate the advice. Still remember the Hector Investment for the Sancho POTM from Fifa 19!!


First of all, thank you chief!
What ist the reason, the market drops so fast this year?
Buyed Son for 300k for two weeks and now 200k
Aubameyang from 300k to 250 in one week
Pogba 220k
Virgil vom 500k t0 430k
al in 1-2 Weeks.
I mean this is more than the last years and i don’t understand this.
Thank you


Hey Chief, i have 34k. do you have any good investments for totw 4?


who should i invest in then


Hey Chief!

I recently invested in 10 OTW Florenzis. Do you think I should sell now since he isn’t in TOTW? What would you suggest for some quick flips? Thanks!


How do you know he’s not in the TOTW?


hey chief because of the leak of florenzi IFcard what pirce to sell the otw card is better?


Ben yedder is at 90k. Should i invest in him in hopes to rise at least at 120k before the next wl?


What do you recommend investing in as i have 200k? I will buy mendy when the wl rewards come out (if i dont get him in the packs) so i’ll spend over 100k for him.


I bought Rodrigo OTW when he dropped to 191k and now he is worth 125k, should I keep him until he gets an inform then sell or should I sell him now and take the L?


Hey chief,

I’m starting to load up on Barca/real cheap golds, preparing for marquee matchup, is it a good strategie or not?

Also, I have several IF Hinteregger, I’m listing for lazies and selling one every now and then. but I’m asking when do you reckon the price would rise so I can offload them?

Thanks for the help and the twitch session


Thanks for the uefa mm tip lost 100k really good trading advice


Salah, bought a bit high at 368k, should I hold on and wait for him to come back up? Or take the L and sell at 300k now?


How about Timo? Obvi heโ€™ll get a TOTW/OTW so selling his gold card now and buying back later is a good idea right?

Soy Sauce Dunker

Hey Chief, this is my first time playing FUT on consul in a while, though I previously had a tremendous amount of success on FIFA Mobile by investing. One of the strategies I used there was purchasing cards to invest while they were in the last days of being available in packs or events. Then I would wait for them to fit a requirement for a SBC. The SBC would increase the cards demand, and therefore its price, so I could sell it for a nice profit.

My question is would this sort of strategy work in FUT? And do SBCs have an impact on the demand and therefore the price of cards?


hi, would you invest at gold rare lm/rm? to 650 coins?


due to ucl sbc?