Investment: TOTW 5 UCLs

TOTW 5 came out today. Both gold cards and UCLs of players that received informs went OOP. UCL cards have limited supply, and I expect their prices to rise in the same fashion that they did for TOTW 4 and Rulebreakers 1 UCLs.

The following are the players I’m interested in that aren’t yet inflated:

Sell before they return to packs on November 4th, and list for lazies in the meantime.



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Mohamed Benabbou

when should i sell the luis albertos ????


How much would you list Guerrerio for lazies? Just bought a boat load


How much do you expect Guerreiro to rise?


What time are rewards out 8am? and how long after there out should i wait to buy players for Thursday flips


Why will they blues rise above the normal card as last year there was very few squads that required ucl platers especially ones that needed high ratings?


Should I sell guerriero now at 6k or wait for him to go up more if he is going to go up


Hi chief, I was wondering if you were thinking of talking through the ins and outs of icon flipping on an upcoming stream. I have recently done a few flips but still donโ€™t feel 100% confident in what Iโ€™m doing and would like to see your take on it. Thanks!


Regarding your tweet about rulebreakers two, any players to invest in that you think will be in the team or just any ucl cards that you believe will rise?


Okay thanks, also would if Oyzarbal, parejo, alberto and D. silva be a good long term investment for someone with spare coins as they are all amongst the cheapest if for there ratings, good links and more importantly link to each other well so could spike aloti if a high rated squad that requires If’s?


Hello Chief,how helpful is the CBP and how straightforward is to use?