Q & A Tuesday – Week 21

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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Tan Blatchman

Hey Chief,

Bamford still worth holding until Friday for hype to possible ratings refresh? He’s gone up so considerably I’m not sure if he can go even higher on Friday. Cheers!


IF Bamford?


I buy MOTM McTominay With 36 K It’s Will Be good for investing I will buy more or just 2 or 3 cards is more than enough ??


Hi Chief bought about 50+ SIF Andre Silva for Winter refresh avg price 20K. Prices have gone up to 28K though, should I cash in? He might not get a winter refresh

Robert Youngson

What time on Friday should we aim to sell?I bought 28 of them ๐Ÿ™‚


Is Lunin FS gonne rise?


Is it worth selling a shaw for 35k? PC


Is it worth waiting until Friday to sell IF Andre Silva or take the profit now?


Hey chief

bought chillini TOTW FOR 65k should I hold or cut my losses? Also same with TOTW cancelo, hold or sell?
also Raphina headliners Iโ€™ve got 50 of this card at 41k when is best to sell as PSG are on 3 wins


Hi Chief,

Do you think it is worth to invest now in GK with good link to Mendy (predicting his CB TOTW) or maybe now is too late and will not rise anymore?
If still worth, rather to buy Courtois gold or IF, Ter Stagen, Oblak or maybe Lloris because of France/Varane/PL?

Thanks in advance!


Is there a way to get notifications for when you post an investment or stuff on your website? Thanks


Hey Chief,
Are inform Bamford and Debuchy still going up?


And is IT still a good deal to take that Mctoiminay?


Hi chief,

Any idea on when Icons will drop in price ?


Whens the best time to buy rttf klostermann for this wl?


Thing is i need the rebic coins to get him


Hey chief! Thoughts on Zakaria RTTF under 200k on ps4? Selling prior to the game


When to sell uel live kessie?


When should I sell my RTTF Promes?


And how about the Serie A informs e.g. Pereyra?

Shadow Legend

Yo chief is it a good idea to wait for the icon sbc to go and then invest about 2 million into sbc fodder and informs?


I bought Mbappe toty for 6,8m , it’s fun with him but at the end of the day i just like to trade and trade more lol. Can I expect him to mantain near his current price until near TOTS, or should i sell now that and cover the 5% EA tax. I guess on TOTS he will be 4-5million?


Hey chief
What would be the best way I can turn 300k into more with the current market?


I just sniped PIM Inzaghi for 660k. Do you reckon EA will given him PR update? Thanks


Thank you chief. I’ll hold for a week and see how it goes.