Investment: MOTM Jorginho

MOTM Jorginho is one of the cheapest 85 rated players. He should drop substantially today with Community TOTS pack openings. MOTM cards go out of packs tomorrow, and I think he will rise considering his good league, nation, and rating.

Jorginho:Β PS4 15k XBOX 15k PC 15k*

*Buy during Community TOTS pack openings Friday

List for lazies and look to sell later next week. A profit of 2-3k would be solid.



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Hey Chief

Is it safe for me to invest in 83, 84 and 85 rated players? Seeing as their prices have drastically reduced.


Hi Chief,

there Are many IFs flooding the market. 83 Kjaer f.e.. Those IFs are way under price. With a possible icon SBC coming do you think it would be wise to pick up a couple of these ?

Thanx chief