Investment: PL RWs

The PL is one of the most frequently used teams for starter squads. There are also a limited number of affordable RWs, especially considering Salah & Sarr were included in TOTW 1. I think these cards will rise as a result going into tomorrow.

IF Sarr: PS4 26k XBOX 30k PC 32k

Adama Traore: PS4 11k XBOX 11k PC 12k

Daniel James: PS4 4.5k XBOX 5k PC 5.5k

Leon Bailey: PS4 9k XBOX 11k PC 12k

Raphinha: PS4 10k XBOX 12k PC 13k

Lucas: PS4 12.5k XBOX 12.5k PC 13.5k

Look to sell BEFORE 6PM tomorrow. I would list for lazies in the meantime, too.



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Hi chief.. i know it isnt related but do you think that inaki Williams is going to rise? I bought 20 for 5 k and its already 6200. My Guess is that on release time Will be around 15 k.


hi chief, i got a treadable klostermann but he’s extinct. 15k is very low for him what do you think his new pr will be, and do you think they’ll update his PR? cheers


Hi chief,

here is a list of players i managed to pack;

  • Ben Yedder
  • Depay
  • Saint Maxim
  • Emre Can

What should i do with those? Sell and invest elsewhere or keep and wait for game?

Ravi Clark

how much do you think adama will rise to?


Hi Chief! when you say 6pm, where?

Paulo Oliveira

Had a few adama, will try to sell before 6 but will lose some coins with him. How about raphinha ? should i sell before 6pm too ? thanks

Eashen Dubb

What day shall we sell Cheif, Friday?


Hi, chief. Do you think Joao Felix will rise on or between the release date and now? I bought 6 of him for roughly 4.5k coins. Considering is massive growth last year in which he was around 20k what are your thoughts. I believe he will increase on the release date but idk. What are your thoughts, should I hold or just sell them currently and just go equal. My guess is he will be 15k.


So should I sell now. And then invest in different players. Any suggestions of players. Ps looking forward to stream.


He has fallen a bit already. Should I hold on and sell Sunday, or sell rn before I lose too much. He is now at like 3.7. What do I do?


will he rise after monday release


And if you were in my position what would you do. Just list between now and Sunday and try to break even? I kinda admit this was a bad investment.