Q & A Tuesday – Week 2

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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I’ll be heading into the full release on Friday with about 250k – is this a good amount to start flipping low rated icons as they might drop with people opening a lot of packs?


Eyo Chief, is there a specific date when to start investing in high rated fodder, I have about 2mil laying around and want the highest ROI. Icon investing is not my thing tho.


what about possible mbappe potm sbc?


Not many people have that many coins to complete him


How does flipping work?


I would love to know how flipping icons work!


shall I invest in morales? good striker for your starter team. and what will it be worth in the future?

Ciro D'Alessio

Happy New (FIFA) Year Chief! 😀

Do you have any thoughts on how the market is going to go on release day?

Say I’ve got Werner who’s going for 50k. Is the smart play:

A) Hold for release expecting a big jump in price on the day?

B) Take the 50k now & complete the SBC’s expecting the gatekeepers to have an even bigger jump on release?

C) Take the 50k now & do some investments whilst prices are still fairly low?

I was going for A, he’s a pacey Prem 84 ST so I’m thinking 100-150k similar to Martial last year

But after hearing about all the changes this year maybe I should be thinking differently?


Cheers Chief!

Yeah there’s definitely been some market correction from EA

Unless EA tinkers with things down the line, I get the impression that investments & lucky pulls are going to be the only way to make decent coin this edition


Yo Chief, I was lucky to snipe 3x renato Sanches, he’s extinct on pc at least. You think his price range will get updated again, or will he just go down after full release and after all the supply that’s coming on Friday. If you think he’s price range will get updated… then what’s you’re opinion on investing in to gelson martins. since he’s strong linking to Renato, and we saw the same thing with lacroix and players around he’s position from Wolfsburg yesterday, all of them literally skyrocketed yesterday.


Hi I packed Icon Desailly 87 , on pc it’s selling for max price and there’s 0 on the market should i sell now or should i hold ? I dont plan to do trading this year I just want to get the most from him

Jake Duffield

Should I be selling all my players like Haaland, Werner, Aguero, Marquinhos etc to invest in your top buys?


Hi Chief, I packed Wijnaldum yesterday. Is it worth keeping hold of to see if he makes it into team 1 of OTW?

Orlando Crespo

What are you looking for when it comes to OTW?


Hi Chief, technical question. Maybe should ask in the Discord, but I took advantage of your offer of rest of September full access for the Bronze Tier. Will I automatically go Bronze tier again on 1 October? I want to upgrade and keep Discord access.


Is it worth investing in the cheap 83s which are <1k or too early?


Hi Chief. I got a couple of meta players like Martial, Klostermann, Diego Carlos, Muriel, Daka etc. Should I keep them till release or even first WL or sell them? Btw thanks for the tips about Asensio I can’t wait for totw 2 🙂


Is it worth holding out on asensio or should we sell in the hype?


Hi Chief I have some questions 1. Is it late to invest in Luis Dias team of the week? And question 2. What do you think of Luis Suarez? It can go up because of its high rating


Just packed Xavi mid and therefore 475k to invest. What are good investments for the very short term or 1st weekend league? Is Kante a good one? Is now 473k and will it increase significantly? Or other players? I really want to get to 800 or 900k. Other trading tips I’m also curious about


so your advice is to buy around 50 diaz? and when this sell?

Danilo Richter

thx for your thelp 🙂

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Hey chief, should I sell Gomez or wait him to possible raise on official release. Also what should I do with Martial and is it worth to buy some players like Upamecano and Haaland


Best way to get from 300k to 500K


Is 1.3k anygood for asensio


Ijust bought 60 for 1.4k


Hi Chief, what would you say is the lowest desirable profit achievable per card while mass bidding?


when should i sell kimmich totw