Investment: TOTW 4 Players (edited)

TOTW 4 players took a heavy hit today from the RTTK promo. The following are my favorite looks for investment:

IF Theo Hernandez: PS4 210k XBOX 170k PC 215k (10-20k profit target)

IF Raphinha: PS4 52k XBOX 52k PC 55k (5-10k profit target)

IF Lozano: PS4 28k XBOX 28k PC 28k (5-7k profit target)

IF Keylor Navas: PS4 27k XBOX 27k PC 28k (5-7k profit target)

Dollar-cost average in over the next few days (Friday, Saturday, & Sunday). Don’t buy all at once. Look to sell the middle of next week – recently the market has been highest on Tuesday/Wednesday, relatively speaking.



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Chief what about Azpi? Still worth holding him Right? We Need some good SBC’s man


Hold. Will rise. Or if you want to invest elsewhere you should maybe let go and get a better roi.

One thing i know for sure. He will not drop a lot more. So its riskless imo


I hope so too! I‘ve got another 2,5 Mil to invest and have 50 Azpi‘s, so I‘m Holding 🙂 thanks man!


No probs! Just hold. Low risk. I have almost 3 mil in special cards atm. Waiting for that damn sbc’s haha


wow tonali is 14k


I feel like Oyarazabel is a great look 2. If you can get him for 16k or Less its great. An 16 rated for > 16k is great. Ez 23k when the right sbc drops.

Im gonna pick 50 of him for 16k or less.

What do you think chief?


What you think about gvardiol (current totw) and tonali (now is 12~14k) you think the price will grow again?

Danilo Richter

i dont hink so, because of his ucl dynamic card. its to good


Is it the moment to buy if depay for my squad? Or will he decrease even more tomorrow?

Jamie Shore

Hi chief, got 3 mullers for 23k in the crash. Hold till Wednesday?

Jamie Shore

Just packed TOTW Theo Hernandez. Current bin is 204k, should I wait for him to be out of packs on Wednesday before selling?

Sorry just read your post! I’ll hold

Last edited 2 years ago by Jamie Shore
Daniel Iwu

Hey is Theo at 209k on ps a good deal?

Bobby Williams

Due to the Glitch TOTW cards took a crash and managed to get a bunch of Raphina cards for 50k. Still expecting these to rebound next week chief? Cheers


How do you mean glitch?

Bobby Williams

People were doing the no loss fut champs glitch to get 20-0 last night and getting max rewards which effected the market. This has now been patched


Just packed if Mane. Should I sell or keep till he out of packs?


you should play with him and enjoy the game!!!


just packed romero if and oyarzabal if sell now are wait for out of packs


How about totw Cristian Romero for under 19k?


Alright, thanks for the reply!


Hey chief! What do you think about IF Muller. 21k for a 88 rated IF seems quite cheap


I just packed, should I RTTK ISAK sell or keep ?


Hey Chief, Lozano has decreased to 23K on PS, i bought 10 at 28k, u still think we’ll get profit?


Damn Lozano has dropped to 25k, picked up a few


Hi Chief
Lozano has dropped a lot do you think he will still rise? Thanks


Will still rise, buy the dip


Chief i bought some lozanos for 27k and he’s down to 23k now, do u think he’ll rise soon?


Buy the dip if you can


is 24500 coins a good price for if lozano?


thank you!


yo, chief, raphina inform is 42k at the moment. Good buy?


When sell totw depay?