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What’s the Max we should go up for them?

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What’s the price for lazy?


Didn’t saw the link ! Ty !


Hey Chief, I’m having a hard time making much with these methods. A 2-3k profit is not the largest, which is fine I would just need to buy and sell a lot of these cards. The problem is that at the price you have them listed I have managed to pick up less than 10 of these guys and that is with sniping and placing bids throughout the day every day. Am I doing something incorrectly? Really trying to figure out how I can make more coins this fifa.


when should i sell


Why should they increase? Last week Correa and Kjaer did not rise either. Neither did Capa RB. Carrasco even dropped from 24k to 20k, although he was somewhat playable. So why would I buy them for 16k? I’d rather not start with Foden and Theo.

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Leibacher, you got to keep in mind aswell that the 85-fodder is around 6k and 86-fodder is around 11k. Thats a 5k diff. So if there is lots of supply of 86inform-fodder like last TOTW, there will be lots of supply on those, which means 86inform-fodder goes down, which results in 85informs to be even less… 86IF-fodder was around 22k at highest I think (PS). This investment looks good imo. Just need some good SBQ to drop to make em rise. This TOTW(9) there is only one 86-inform (Martinez), so less supply on 86-IF this week. Martinez-IF is on other hand selling for 30k right now, so I doubt he will be a 86-IF even if I thought he would when he got out. The Insigne SBC is good for 86IF-fodders, but we prolly need more SBC to make the supply be less. I mean if we want it to peak at 22k. To get the 2-3k profit we can sell Aspas already or really soon. _____ To be fair I profited on the Correa one aswell, since I manage to get two bastonis aswell. I even saw a RTTK-Vidal when I was sniping but someone was faster, else that… Read more »

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I don’t understand , should I buy now & sell next week or