23 for 23: PL Informs

23 for 23 is a series of 23 investing/trading highlights from FIFA 22, 1 posted each day over the course of September leading up to the FIFA 23 web app release on September 21st. Reviewing these will help aspiring FIFA traders learn about the ins and outs of the FUT market and remind veterans of what they already know. Below is a list of the investments we have looked at already.

  1. WW Teze (April 27th, 2022)
  2. PL Informs (March 19th, 2022)

Bought for: XBOX 11k PS4 11k PC 11k

Highest price:ย XBOX 23k PS4 20k PC 23k

Profit:ย XBOX 11k PS4 8k PC 11k

ROI:ย XBOX 99% PS4 72% PC 99%

Reasoning for Investment:ย Inform fodder investing likely has the best risk/reward ratio of any other investment type. They are extremely low risk since they quick sell for ~ 10k coins, and the potential profit is high as EA frequently requires them for SBCs.

When investing in a particular player(s), it is convenient to have a filter that allows you to “catch” all of them with a single search. In the case of TOTW 26, Cash, Coady, and Hernandez were all included and close to discard price. A simple PL – TOTW filter with a 11k max BIN would allow you to search for all three (not to mention any other PL informs that could be listed under their value).