Subscriber-Only Investment

The web app is out. I expect players to rise considerably in the coming days. The sooner we can get in on some of these, the better.

One investment look stands out to me among all others at the moment: Ferland Mendy & Theo Hernandez. These two French fullbacks have a great history of rising in the beginning stages of the game (see Theo from FIFA 21/FIFA 22 and Mendy from FIFA 21/FIFA 22). They both have good ratings that avoid risk of oversupply while still offering good ROI potential. And, the cherry on top, they can be bought using the same filter.

Ferland Mendy:ย PS4/XBOX 30k PC 30k (20-30k profit target)*

Theo Hernandez: PS4/XBOX 30k PC 30k (20-30k profit target)*

*Use a France – LB – Gold – Rare – 10.5k min BIN sniping filter*

Look to sell sometime next Monday/Tuesday –ย  I expect the market to peak (relatively speaking) in that window.