Investment: Rulebreakers 2

Rulebreakers 2 goes out of packs tomorrow. They could see some price movement into Saturday as can happen with OOP promo players. Estupiñán is the safest out of these as he discards for 10,126 coins; the others carry more risk.

RB Estupiñán: PSX 11k PC 11k (1-2k profit target)
RB ToneyPSX 24k PC 23k (2-3k profit target)
RB Smith RowePSX 58k PC 55k (~ 5k profit target)
RB PayetPSX 95k PC 120k (~ 10k profit target)
RB SissokoPSX 175k PC 190k (~ 10k profit target)

Look to sell on Saturday, October 29th before content comes at 6pm. If they don’t rise by then, it is unlikely they will at all. Fodder should be a good investing option again this weekend, so I’d prefer reinvesting the coins there at that point.



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hi chief, wouldnt holding PL players like estupinan or toney be a good option as there are couple good prem players coming with the new promo?


Should we list for lazies in the meantime ..


Thanks . I’ve been selling Toney for 26.5k


Hey Chief, what about Merino? Looks like a solid Center Mid. Also he is in the mini promo so less cards of him entered the marked. Should be a easy link because of spanish and la liga.


Payet is around 105k… still worth to buy?


Hi chief, is Thiago rb too risky to invest in? With salah coming tomorrow, i was thinking he could be a good investment


Hi Chief, what do u think about Lacroix at 75K? I know this year there are so many good CBs, he got good links as well though.


RTTK upgrades today for Zambo and Ikone, based on previous years these cards tend to drop massively right after they got their upgrade, what do you think, should I sell them?


Then buy again when they dip? And sell before his match?


I assume i should sell bissaka before he gets an upgrade and rebuy after? On the side note, what u think about griezman if, pretty cheap and 85 rated, and will be cheaper on sunday i guess.

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What’s up chief, what are your thoughts on Jesus Navas RB? Think he’s got much more room to rise?


Sold all my ikone sat 21k yesterday, he’s now 35k and rising :’(


Agreed! Was more confused about his price than anything! Happy I got the 3k profit, onto the next one


Bought 10x Martinez for 16-17k (PC) and he’s dropped to 14k. Do you think he will rebounce a little due to being Out Of Packs? Would you sell or hold (one of the cheapest 86s).


Hi chief, i bought kalvin phillips for 90k. I also play with him but he is around 145k now. Should i sell him for profit?


hey chief,
i think that selling ikoné in the hype wasn’t the best option this time.
taking the risk was worth it tbh .
But anyways should we sell rulebreakers this weekend and invest in fodder ?


Smith-Rowe has taken a considerable hit. Why is this?


Estupinan is around 12k at PC. Should we wait to sell at 13.5k-14k?