Investment: RTTF

The second leg of CL Round of 16 is next week. There are five RTTF cards in action: Malen, Goretzka, Fofana, Mendes, and Lucas Moura. They all have a chance at a double upgrade if they win and advance, or a single upgrade if they win or advance. They all have a shot. Regardless of their performances, I think these cards should all rise in the hype considering FUT Fantasy cards aren’t eligible for upgrades until after March 17th.

RTTF Goretzka: PSX 1.35m PC 1.7m (~ 50k profit target)
RTTF MouraPSX 215k PC 230k (~ 15k profit target)
RTTF FofanaPSX 240k PC 270k (~ 15k profit target)
RTTF MalenPSX 120k PC 125k (~ 10k profit target)
RTTF MendesPSX 550k PC 670k (~ 25k profit target)

Look to offload next week on Wednesday or Thursday.



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Hi Cheif,

Probably a bad idea but thinking about dropping 5 mil on ROTF Miranda following the Liverpool match at the weekend, Betis also 0-0 against Madrid. Is this a bit too risky?


Big shame.. Malen didn’t went profitable since your post and now his price plummeted after the loss. Fofana did amazing after the win but that would be a big gamble.

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Tough to lose 100k a card when the upside was 10k profit :(


I made the most stupid mistake to offload my 3 fofana’s for 5K profit per card. After the match they would have made a profit of 600K…… such a shame I did offload before the game.


When will the market start to drop ?