24 for 24: PGP

24 for 24 is a series of 24 investing/trading highlights from FIFA 23, 1 posted each day over the course of September leading up to the FIFA 24 Ultimate Edition release on September 22nd. Reviewing these will help aspiring FIFA traders learn about the ins and outs of the FUT market and remind veterans of what they already know. Below is a list of the investments we have looked at already.

  1. Sniping Targets
  2. Peak Times
  3. OTW Golds
  4. TOTW 1
  5. Frenchies
  6. Double Dips
  7. Price Ranges
  8. Web App
  9. Shortfuts
  10. Chemistry Changes
  11. Women’s Football
  12. FUTBIN Indexes
  13. FC Barcelona
  14. PGP

FUTBIN has a wealth of information when it comes to player pricing data, but another overlooked metric they track is Player Game Performance (PGP). You can find it on their website here.

This page comes in handy when deciding which player to invest in from a certain promo or TOTW before they go OOP. Simply sort by games played and check out which card people are using the most. While there isn’t a 100% success rate of cards with a lot of games played, it definitely plays a role in the likelihood that your investment will pan out. Use it as a data point along with other factors when buying.