EA Tax Calculator – Tool for calculating profit considering buy price, sell price, and EA’s 5% tax

Cheapest Players By Rating – Current cheapest 81-89 rated players on the market

FUTBIN Club Import – See how many coins you have floating around in the club, transfer list, and consumables

SBC Club Analyzer – Looks at your club and creates solutions for challenges *must do import first*

TOTW Watch – Redditor who makes a table for potential TOTW candidates each week

FIFA Pack Values – Discard and average prices for each pack in the game, provided by @FutEconomist

Pack Opening Data – via Rune Mentzoni, University of Bergen, National Center for Gaming and Gambling Research (also see his reddit post)

Quick Sell Values Discard prices for players based on quality, version, and rating

FUT Web App – Manage your club online through EA’s web app

Listing for Lazies – Duration and price recommendations for listing for lazy buyers