Maintaining the profits made from playing and trading


I don’t want to know how much money I’ve spend on fitness throughout IFFA and I’m sure you don’t either. There are a few ways to get around this, though.

1. Have a fitness squad that you play with in Squad Battles (or online if you’d like) to get your main squad back to full fitness.

2. Have a rotation of players that you substitute in on a game-by-game basis, much like soccer IRL. I did this back in FIFA 17, but I must admit I didn’t enjoy it.

3. Quit the game in the middle of a match you are about to lose. When you reopen the game, your team will be at the fitness they were when you started the match. Plus, any injuries you assumed will be nullified.

4. Get coaches/trainers so your fitness cards are increased by 50% when used. A bronze squad fitness then goes from 10%-15%, silver from 20%-30%, and gold from 30%-45%.

5. Like the investment strategy for fitness, make sure to buy it during the week as it is in lower demand than on weekends with weekend league.


People can spend hundreds of thousands of coins on injuries alone over the course of an entire year of FIFA. However, few know that injuries can be taken off completely by simply forfeiting a single player season match. This takes all of 2 minutes to accomplish; just score an own goal and quit the match.

The downside – this will affect your record. I could care less about my record, but I know some of you out there really pride yourself on it.


This is a big one where a lot of people get burned. They go through the season changing their squad every time they hit a rough patch. And each time they sell, they are losing out on 5% on tax, not to mention any losses from selling under what they purchased for (which is most often the case).

So stick with your squad. You will learn what your players are capable of and play better/win more because of it. Personally, I have only changed my team about 10 times in FIFA 21. Sure, I have an itch to pursue some of the squads I build on futbin. But in the long run I am much more happy with having a larger sum of coins to play with.