Top 10 Transfer Profits

I pride myself on my and trading and investing abilities, but plenty of my followers can do it just as well, if not better, than me.

Here are the Top 10 Transfer Profits so far this year from my Patreons.

Top 10 Patreon Transfer Profits

PlayerTransfer Profit
1. alexhagen (PS4)30,148,870
2. Urb4nLe9end (xbox)26,071,665
3. BearcatJB (Xbox)20,420,180
4. MurseMike (PS4)20,137,480
5. fifagodberkamp (PS4)20,123,022
6. DanielSan (PS4)19,124,364
7. toshev (xbox)18,844,149
8. deathz (PC)18,369,602
9. chimecda (PS4)17.980,251
10. Thorgoon (PS4)17,541,933