FUTLIVE: What We Learned About FIFA 18

4 ways the September 29th release will differ from FIFA 17

Each year, the FIFA developers come up with new and exciting (well…sometimes) features to the game. For example, FIFA 17 included the additions of FUT Champions, OTW cards and SBC’s. Similarly, FIFA 18 will continue to build on those modes as well as give the player’s more options of interest.

FIFA 18 Icons1. FIFA 18 Icons

One of the most highly anticipated additions to the Ultimate Team playing field will be Icons. Some of soccer’s most loved players will be available to the masses. Seen here, Ronaldo will be giving opponents headaches all of next year. Also, Ronaldinho will be joining the mix along with other past FIFA legends.

The biggest change? These Icons have not one, not two, but three different cards. The two lower rated forms will be available in packs. However, the “prime” version can only be attained through a premium SBC on selected Thursdays. These cards will have the biggest price tags in all of FIFA.

2. New Daily Objectives

New FUT Daily Objectives

Any additional way to make coins is welcomed with open arms. Daily objectives in FIFA 18 will provide just that. Completing starter objectives will be fairly simple. For example, things like applying a position change or buying a player will earn you easy coins. Meanwhile, there will be daily and weekly objectives as well. These will be more difficult to complete, but the rewards will be greater.

3. Squad Battles

This new FIFA feature will provide an opportunity for more exciting offline play. However, it remains to be seen how profitable this mode will be.FIFA 18 Squad Battles

As seen here, players will be able to take on different squads from the FIFA community. They can choose increased difficulty for a chance at increased “points”. Unfortunately, EA has not yet explained the exact value of points. Ultimately, we will have to wait until their word to know if they are worth anything more than a ย few bronze packs.

4. New Web App

FIFA traders should look forward to this improvement. In FIFA 18, players will have the option to view and complete SBC’s away from the console. Furthermore, the new Daily Objectives feature will provide an opportunity for building your coin base on-the-go. Whether on a tablet, phone, or laptop, improving your FUT squad is only a few clicks away.

In conclusion, FIFA 18 looks to have many more way to make coins and build toward your dream team in comparison to last year’s game. Stay tuned for more details on these features to learn how you can take advantage of them and maximize your profits. Follow me on Twitter until then.