FIFA 18 is Coming: Dates to Know Before the Release

We have entered the month of September. A mere four weeks separate us and the full release of FIFA 18. However, there are some dates to keep in mind before we get to that point. *some dates tentative*
September 12th – FIFA 18 Demo Release

While some players were lucky enough to play the beta in August, the first taste of the new FIFA season for most of us will be on Friday, September 15th. This date lands exactly two weeks before the full release. While game mode options will be limited, the demo will give us a general feel for the revamped game play and graphics.

September 21st – Web App Release

It may seem that the Web App Release is pointless if you can’t play the game. However, EA gives out rewards for each day you log in to the app. These can be varied amounts of coins or packs depending on how many years you have played FIFA. Web App Login Rewards

Coins gained through the daily rewards can be in turn used for further trading on the web app. BID and BIN is a good strategy to use here. Mass bid on cheap silvers from popular leagues (BPL works best) and resell them for a higher BIN price. You won’t make much off each transaction, but a high volume of trades will yield you coins.

September 21st – EA Access (Xbox Only)

While the demo only allows play on specific game modes, this 10 hour access period grants players the option to experience FIFA 18 in its entirety. For traders, the entirety of this trial should be devoted to Ultimate Team. There are a few ways that you can approach this.

First and foremost, sell all of the items in your catalog. Coins are in short supply at the beginning of FUT, and this is one of the easiest ways to stockpile them.

FUT Catalog Items

In addition, make sure to activate your coin boosts as these can earn you an extra 250-1000 coins per completed game. How you choose to play these games depends on your abilities as a FIFA player. For more skilled players, draft is definitely the better option. Yes, you have to spend 15,000 or FIFA points to play. However, the potential packs for winning a few games will more than cover your costs. In reality, if you win the draft mode you are looking at getting at least 50k and possibly much, much more. Offline draft mode is alternative if you would rather play AI instead.

If you are not as talented a FIFA player, the single-player season mode is also a viable option. This is because of two reasons. 1. You won’t have to wait for opponents. 2. You can easily/quickly beat the computer in divisions 8, 9, and 10. Although the single-player season offers less title/promotion/hold rewards, the speed with which you are able to complete it compared to online seasons makes it more rewarding.

*September 22nd or 29th* – August BPL Player of the Month

Just like last year, FUT will release monthly SBC’s for the Premier League Player of the Month. For August, Phil Jones, Jonas Lossl, Romelu Lukaku, Sadio Mane, Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Alvaro Morata and Mohamed Salah are all in the running. Whoever you decide on investing in, remember that selling on the hype is guaranteed to yield you coins. You could risk buying Armenian players and holding on to them in hopes that Mkhitaryan wins the award, but selling hours before the release is the safe bet.

September 26th – Early Access Release

For those who buy the Icon or Ronaldo version of FIFA 18, you will have a 3 day jump on everyone else to play the game. These early stages of the game are huge for establishing a coin base, so the sooner you can jump in the better.

FIFA 18 Game Editions

September 29th – Full Release

When the game is fully released, the demand for players begins to increase dramatically. Therefore, prices increase as well. Be sure to invest your coins gained through the early access period in players and consumables – specifically squad fitness –  before the full release to make profits. If FIFA 17 is any representation, the players reach their peak about 2 weeks after the release. Smalling and Kante are just a few of countless examples of this trend.

Smalling FIFA 17 Price Increase

Kante FIFA 17 Price Increase

The countdown is on. 14 days until the demo, 21 until EA Access and 28 until the full release. Get hyped!