The Best Trading Method for Week 1 of FIFA 18

FIFA 17 OTW Cards

How Ones to Watch Cards Work

OTW cards were introduced in FIFA 17. Following their transfers to new teams, players such as Pogba, Kante, and Hummels received one of these cards. These could be opened in packs starting on the full release date and would stay in packs for a week.

Much like Team of the Week cards, OTW player’s base cards cannot be opened in packs during this time. When considering the basics of supply and demand, this presents a massive trading opportunity. Because of their short time in packs (only can be opened from the web app release up until the full release), these gold cards have an extremely limited supply. As a result, their prices skyrocket in the first week of FIFA while they cannot be packed.

Arfa FIFA 17 Price Change

Sanches FIFA 17 Price Change

Bailley FIFA 17 Price Change

As shown here, many of these players doubled or even tripled their value in a week. This trend follows for the other OTW base cards as well. If you want to check the others,ย FUTBINย has all of their graphs available.

OTW Cards to Expect for FIFA 18

FIFA 18 Confirmed OTW Cards

While we don’t know every OTW player for FIFA 18, EA has announced that Lacazette, Lukaku, Neymar, Costa, Bonucci and James Rodriguez will be in the mix for this coming season. Whatever your budget, try to get your hands on some of these player’s gold cards leading up to the full release date. You will surely be happy that you did.

(Credit to Nick – Run the FUT Market for this shout. Check out the original video here.)



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