How to Trade When the Web App is Released

We are now officially less than a week away from the FIFA 18 web app release. Here is a guide on how to make coins even when you aren’t playing.

Login Daily

EA gives out rewards for logging into the web app every day. These rewards vary depending on how long you have played Ultimate Team; players that have been involved for more years will receive more glamorous packs and coin gifts. However, even if you just began playing FIFA this past year, make sure you login daily as small rewards of 50-100 coins can make a huge difference at the beginning of the trading season.

Find Cheap Players to Flip

There is no rule of thumb for which players or filters will consistently find you a good deal. Attempt to find cards that are going for 100-200 coins less than their lowest Buy It Now price. This might take quite a bit of legwork to start. Try filtering silver right backs from the BPL for a max of 300 coins. Try non rare gold keepers from the Bundesliga for 400 coins or less. Try a certain Croatian player that has strong links and is useful in starter squads. Eventually, you will come across some filter that will give you the player/players you are looking for. Once you find it, there are two methods you can use to buy these players: ‘BID’ or ‘BIN’ (Buy it Now).


Bid means you bid on and try to get as many deals as possible in the final minute these players are on the market. When doing this, you should be aware of each card’s lowest current BIN price. Consider what you will be taxed when selling the card, and bid on the player accordingly. For example, say some Italian player has a low BIN of 650. If you buy him for 600, you will only make 17 coins when selling at 650(650*.95=617, 617-600=17) . Buying at 550 yields you 67 coins, 500 will get you 117 coins, and so on.

Whatever buying limit you set, consider both how much you are making per player (on average) and how many players you are selling per hour. Find a happy medium that will maximize your profits.


Much like ‘BID’, you will be buying the same players at the same prices using the ‘BIN’ method. The difference is that you will attempt to snipe these players in their first minute on the market rather than their last. Set a max price for how much you want to spend, buy the player, and relist him on the market at his lowest BIN price.

I’ve Made 50K+ Coins. What now?

The biggest thing to realize is that the market will inflate as we approach the first weekend league on the weekend of October 6th-8th. This is when player prices should hit their max. That being said, anyone and anything you invest in during the web app and 10 hour early access periods will increase in price over that time. Here are a some good options.

1. Squad Fitness

As no one can play games, these cards are utterly useless during the web app trading period. Therefore, their prices should reflect that. Whatever you buy them for, expect to be able to sell for somewhere between 1000 and 1500 coins during the first weekend league in October. Although tedious, this is your safest investment strategy.

2. OTW Base Cards

This article explains how and why these players can be such a moneymaker. Just like squad fitness, buy early and anticipate on selling sometime during the weekend of October 6th-8th.

3. Mane POTM

Liverpool’s forward was named the August Premier League Player of the Month. EA will release the SBC requirements to get his special card on either Friday, August 22nd or Friday, August 29th. Much like FIFA 17, expect Senegal, Liverpool, or high rated BPL players to be required for this. This method is risky as many people will likely try investing in the POTM. Be cautious about buying players with prices that are heavily inflated.

4. September POTM

Harry Kane and Gabriel Jesus both have two goals for this month already. Pay attention to how they perform this coming Premier League Weekend, along with other BPL players. Beat other traders to investments that they might overlook.

5. OP of FIFA 18

Kante, Renato Sanches, Smalling, and Martial were the overpowered kings of FIFA 17. Keep your ears open for the new OP players to get hyped on YouTube and Twitch in the coming days. Much like last year’s OP players, they should have a solid price increase in the first couple weeks.


Save Some Coins for Drafts

If you are a decent player, drafts are the best way to spend your time during the 10 hour early access period; the potential rewards for winning a couple games make the entry cost well worth it. It is unclear whether they will be 7.5k or 15k per entry, so I’d recommend having the latter ready to use for when you start your early access. Play as many games as possible with your 10 hours, and utilize the web app for all of your trading.

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