Early Market Predictions and Investment Options

With less than 72 hours remaining until EA access and the web app release, the hype is real for FIFA 18. Here is how the market will play out in the first weeks.

Date: Thursday, September 21st

Event: Web App Release and EA Access 10 Hour Trial (Xbox only)

What will happen: The die-hard FIFA gamers will start a new season on the web app and, if you play Xbox, on console. FIFA points will be transferred, packs will be opened, and starter squads will be formed.

How the market will react: Player prices at this point will be volatile to say the least. However, because overall coin supply is so limited, expect prices to remain fairly low in these first few days.

Who/What to invest in: As playing time is limited 10 hours (or none if you are on PC or PS4), expect squad fitness, position changers, and other consumables to be quite cheap during this period. Stock up and offload in the following week or two to double or triple your investment.

Date: Tuesday, September 26th

Event: Ronaldo/Icon Edition Release

What will happen: Those who choose to buy these editions will have a 3 day early access period to play FIFA 18 before the full release.

How the market will react: With no restrictions on playing time, a large influx of people will begin to play religiously. This will increase both the demand for players and supply of coins in rotation, both making player prices more expensive.

Who/What to invest in: On Wednesday, September 27th Team of the Week 2 will be released. For players that get an inform, their base cards will be out of packs for the week. This cut in supply, coupled with the Friday full release (more demand), will make for these to be an excellent trading option. Keep your ears open for TOTW 2 predictions after the weekend.

Date: Friday, September 29th

Event: Worldwide FIFA 18 Release/OTW Cards

What will happen: All players will have access to play the game in its entirety. OTW cards will also be released in packs.

How the market will react: While the early release consisted of religious players who are more inclined to buy FIFA points and packs, the full release brings about your more casual players. They are more likely to have smaller coin budgets. As a result, the price of many OP, pacey starter squad cards will rise.

Who/What to invest in: Players that play great in game, offer strong/perfect links, AND have a OTW card are who you should invest in here. This will be some of the easiest profit you make all year. Here are some good options.

Date: October 6th-8th

Event: First FIFA 18 Weekend League

What will happen: Assuming EA makes no changes, 40 games will be played over the weekend for those who qualify. Packs and coin prizes are distributed the following week according to ranking.

How the market will react: Players will reach their peak prices for the year this weekend.

Who/What to invest in: This is the time to offload any investments that you haven’t sold up to this point as the market will decline from this point on.

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Nice write up. What players (specifically) would you invest in now to offload at a higher margin later? What investments are guaranteed and what would you deem risky? Thanks!