TOTW 1 Has Arrived: Here’s Why You Should Invest In It

Who’s in it?

Featuring the likes of Dybala, Aguero, and Mertens, the first Team of the Week for FIFA 18 is absolutely STACKED. With 89 pace and four other stats in the 80’s, Valencia’s upgrade is nothing to slouch at either. The Bakambu inform will take sweat to another level, and Kimmich’s RB card will be valuable in a league that offers limited options at that position.

Also worth noting is that there are 21 – I repeat, 21 – gold informs in this TOTW. For perspective, there were ZERO Team of the Week’s from FIFA 17 that even hit 20 mark.

What does it mean?

Because there are so many quality players, expect the FIFA community to open packs like kids on Christmas while TOTW 1 is available. Packing Dybala, Aguero or Mertens puts you at a massive advantage for the beginning of FIFA 18.

While the talent featured in this Team of the Week is a major reason for the impending pack opening frenzy, there are other factors as well. These include:

  • Hype around the release: Most of the money budgeted by FUT players will be spent in the first days
  • Newly featured icons: Sure, packing Ronaldinho is unlikely, but that won’t stop people from trying
  • Transfer of FIFA points from FIFA 17 to FIFA 18: “Free” points to spend on this years game

All of these factors will make for a massive supply of TOTW 1 cards, much more so than last year. And last years TOTW 1 still proved a good investment.

While players would love to have gotten their hands on these cards early, they simply did not have enough coins to do so. Therefore their demand could not meet the supply, and their prices remained low until people acquired enough coins to buy them. The same will hold true for TOTW 1 for FIFA 18.

When Should I Invest?

As the graphs indicate, the earlier the better when it comes to these investments. If you can’t get your hands on these players right away, the last opportunity to buy will be on Tuesday, September 26th; this is the date for the early release of FIFA 18. Loads of packs will be opened here as well. This will cause people to undercut each other, driving the players prices down. As always, look to buy when opportunities like this present themselves.

As for who to buy, it all depends on your budget. If you have the coins to buy Mertens, Dybala, or Aguero, pull the trigger. Otherwise, spreading your investments on less-desired TOTW 1 players is a viable option as well.

We are so close!