Huge Investing Opportunity This Weekend: TOTW 2 Base Cards

Our first weekend with FIFA 18 has finally arrived. Even better, full slates of games are scheduled for La Liga, Bundesliga, Calcio A and the Premier League. Here is how their results could be making you more profit than you can imagine.

TOTW 2 Base Cards

As we know, the top performances for league games this weekend will earn some players informs for next week Wednesday. These special cards will put their base cards out of packs; right now, any player that was in TOTW 1 has no regular cards on the market. While this may seem like your average weekend, there are a couple reasons why this upcoming TOTW could be particularly profitable.

1. Extra Low Card Supply

Right now, only fraction of the FIFA community is participating in the game compared to how many there will be for the full release next Friday. On that day, there will be TONS of packs being opened; OTW players will be released, and a lot of people will be playing the game for the first time. However, these packs will not be including any base card from TOTW 2. Therefore, the only cards of these that will be on the market will have been packed between September 20th-27th.

2. Cheap Prices

As mentioned in previous articles, the market will continue to increase until we hit October 6th (first weekend league). As more people start to play the game and get more coins, players get more expensive. Here are some examples from last year. Here are some examples of base cards from TOTW 2 in FIFA 17.

As shown in the graphs, their price points in the first image are on the Sunday following their weekend performances. I chose to show this date rather than their Wednesday TOTW release to emphasize that the earlier you can hop on these investments, the more profit you can make.

However, buying potential TOTW 2 players prior to their official announcement does present some risk. Say Gabriel Jesus bangs in a goal tomorrow against Crystal Palace. Some players might pick up his base card in hopes he will be named to the Team of the Week. Wednesday rolls around, and EA announces he didn’t make the team.

What do you do in this situation? Panic sell? HELL NO. If you do choose to sell, wait a day or two, and Gabriel’s price will bounce back.

So, keep an eye on tomorrow’s matches in the big leagues and see who has standout performances. In case you didn’t know, Reddit’s FIFA Sub has Inform Watch Threads every Saturday and Sunday. Stay up to date with that, take some calculated risks, and have fun with the first of many glorious weekends of FIFA 18.