Dr. Duda’s Week 1 Investments

Kevin Gameiro โ€“ Bought @ 9,500. Lowest BIN now 12,000


FIFA 18 finally will be completely live this week! Best time of the year to invest and people are going to look for players with good pace, dribbling, and those which will be easy to build squads with. Gameiro offers 87 pace coupled with 83 shooting. He is in La Liga, and also being French makes him easy to build a hybrid with. Watch his price continue to increase throughout the first week.






Ousmane Dembele โ€“ Bought @ 45,000. Lowest BIN now 55,000


Speaking of good pace and dribbling, enjoy facing Dembele all year long. With 91 Pace and 89 dribbling, this card is going to be on many teams you face all year long. With his OTW card being held down on price due to his injury for a few months, look for his base card to inflate to higher than expected prices.





Petr Cech โ€“ Bought @ 18,000. Lowest BIN now 18,000 (Prepping for Mane POTM)


The August POTM Mane is going to be highly sought after. I imagine needing high rated cards in the Premier League. Look no further than the 86 rated Petr Cech. For just 18k, this card is a steal if youโ€™re willing/able to hold onto for the POTM Mane. There is no other 86 rated card that is going for this price and it also works great that this is also in the Premier League. This card really only has upside this early on in the game, making it a safe investment.


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