Q & A Tuesday: Week 1

This will be a weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

Here are some suggested topics:

  • Should I open my packs now, or wait until Friday when OTW is released?
  • What effect, if any, will squad battles have on the market?
  • I have investments on my transfer list. When should I sell?
  • With Mane and Aguero (most likely) POTM coming in the next few weeks, who are the best investment options?
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I do have investments on my transfer list (lots of “regular” rare gold players that won’t get an OTW/IF this week), like Jordi Alba, Mikhtaryan, … When should I sell ?

I also have invested in some possible OTW (Mbappe, Morata – who is likely to be IF tomorrow, James Rodriguez, Bonucci, Douglas Costa, and maybe one or two more), by looking at the graphs on previous articles, the moment to sell them would be somewhere next week ?

Finally, beside investments, what technique are you currently using ? I have some value in my club (a bit more than 500k), is there anything buy/sell technique you would recommend ?

Thanks a lot for your help and as a beginner in these kind of things (I’ve never done it before but man do I want that Henry this year …) I love your blog


David Luiz is going for like 70K on PS4 right now. Do you think he will go any higher than that? or start to fall


How do you feel about Werner’s price? He just got a price increase but his BIN hasnt moved. I got into a couple of them when he was around 17k and going for 25k so not bad if i sold now, wondering if i should wait in case it goes up more.
Also intrigued about how you find “filters.” Right now im just buying random rare gold cards from big leagues for bid 650 and selling BIN 900, I dont have a filter or anything for specific cards. It is very grindy, but i usually see a ROI of around 9k every time my trade pile empties out.


would you suggest that same pattern for any high rated player thats not going to be a OTW?


Hi, as it stands i have a 150k bpl team with the likes of Eric Bailly, Raheem Sterling, Michail Antonio, Bakayoko, Renato Sanchez, Gueye. Should i sell it or do you think it will increase in price by Weekend leauge.

In addition do you think Michail Antonio’s price range will be increased due to him being extinct on xbox one and if so is it worth investing into him?

Many Thanks


I can’t find any good mass biding filter anymore. I am on the web app so sniping is very difficult. I also have 100k and i was wondering if you know any mass bidding method or easy sniping flithers

Many Thanks


I’ve just bagged OTW Mbappe in a pack. He’s going for around 585k, but don’t know whether to keep him as he will no doubt be worth a lot more when he gets IF’s or to sell him?