What My Club Looks Like Right Now


Premier League:

While this may just look like your standard BPL sweat squad, I chose almost every person in this squad for investing purposes.

LB – Milner: With Mane POTM set for tomorrow, a Liverpool squad is likely. Milner fits that requirement.

CB – Otamendi: Aguero looks to be a lock for September Player of the Month. As Otamendi is Argentinian (like Aguero), decently rated, and on Man City, he covers a lot of bases.

CB – Matip: Same as Milner, Matip plays for Liverpool. An 83 rating makes him more valuable, as well.

RB – Aurier: The Tottenham transfer has a chance at getting a OTW tomorrow, and as a result will be out of packs for EA’s big pay day tomorrow afternoon. Even if not, he is a valuable player as he comes from Ivory Coast; this gives him a strong link to Eric Bailly, whom many people think will be this year’s Chris Smalling.

LCM – Schneiderlin: The Everton CM is the cheapest 83 in the Premier League at 2K. Expect his price to rise for either August or September POTM requirements.

CM – Kouyate: Comes from Senegal, and is an absolute FREAK at CDM.

RCM – Bakayoko: Believed to be this years Kante, expect the French midfielder to rise even more, especially if he earns a spot in tomorrow’s Ones to Watch.

LW – Izquierdo: I’ll admit, this choice was pure sweat.

ST – Diouf: Senegal.

RW – Salah: He plays awesome in game, comes from Liverpool, and will likely get a OTW card. This was one of the investments I was most comfortable with making, which is why I have 3 more stored in my transfer list at the moment.

GK – Karnezis: No investment reasoning here. He has decent stats and is cheap enough to free up coins for other investments.


While the BPL squad is based on making coins through investments, this Bundesliga team is meant for saving coins; I alternate between the two so I don’t have to spend money on fitness. TOTW1 player Aranguiz is the only “investment” of the squad. I explain why TOTW1 players are so valuable in this article.

Transfer List


Valbuena, Aranguiz, Fabianski, Perez: All are on TOTW1 and I got them at discard, so there is no risk. Based on TOTW1 from last year, they should see substantial increases.

Kompany, Cahill, Mata, Silva, Mustafi: With Mane and Aguero POTM coming in the next few weeks, high rated squads Premier League squads are all but guaranteed. These players were the cheapest for their respective ratings.

Salah, Bakayoko, Semedo: All have a shot at getting a OTW card tomorrow, and as a result will be out of packs. If not, I still believe they will rise as they each have great stats and play well in game.





Tomorrow’s full release and OTW reveal will put the FIFA community in a pack opening frenzy. I’m expecting player prices to take a hit and bounce back in the coming days. With a little less than 200k in liquid assets, I’ll be prepared to invest in the cards that fall the most.

Squad Fitness

I have been acquiring these gradually over the past few weeks, sometimes bidding on them but often buying them for their cheapest BIN. I expect them to rise to 1200-1500 coins for the first Weekend League next weekend. At the moment, you can get them on Xbox for 700 coins, and they might be even cheaper tomorrow for the mass pack opening. If you want a safe investment, this is your best bet.

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is it worth investing now?


and Joel Matip is from Cameroon not Senegal :}


ok thanks.
Didn’t a sbc come out last year that got you a guaranteed OTW which required A a 84 rated team with a TOTW and OTW player. If so, than should we invest in 84’s and High rated TOTW’s