Day After Release Discussion

It is the day after #FIFAFriday. We have stocked up on our investments, and now we get to watch them rise over the course of the next week. I’m curious, who did you guys who with? OTW and TOTW2 player base cards? Squad fitness? Did your Mane POTM investments work out?

Also, don’t forget to play your squad battle games this weekend. Unlike during the week, Saturday and Sunday squad battles update every 8 hours. See the full schedule and rewards in this article.

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Do you think Draxler is a good investment? I’ve just bought 2 for 2.5k because I thought that was quite cheap for a 84 rated player who can be important for SBCs.


I invested in standard card Salah, He is a OTW atm and I see his standard card is already rising in value, didn’t sell him yet. I really want his otw card, but its quite expensive atm.