Chief’s Week 2 Investments

Our first weekend with FIFA 18 has come to a close. EA gave us an extremely exciting Friday, releasing the Mane POTM SBC along with our beloved Ones to Watch cards. Squad battles kept us busy on Saturday and Sunday, and their rewards closed out our weekend. When squad battles rewards were released, I gauged what players I liked most for investments this week and settled on 2: Nelson Semedo and OTW Federico Bernardeschi.



Who: Nelson Semedo

Bought for: 11,000 average (I bought 40)

Why: The Barcelona transfer earned a spot in this year’s OTW, and as a result he will remain out of packs until October 9th. La Liga has limited options at RB as it is, and Semedo’s low supply makes him even more valuable. With 92 pace and strong links with both Dembele and Umtiti, I expect the Portuguese international to rise to 20K or higher.

I realize that Semedo could have been bought for 6K on Friday, but I still think he has amazing upside. There are few players costing more than 5,000 coins where you can double your investment, and I think Semedo is one of those. He is in a price range that makes him affordable to most of the FIFA community, and as people generate more coins they will look to use his card as an anchor defensively.



Who: Federico Bernardeschi

Bought for: 47,000

Why: Over the weekend, Bernardeschi nabbed both a goal and an assist in Juventus’ fixture against Atalanta. This very well could earn him a TOTW card, and as a result his OTW will get upgrades in stats.

However, I did not buy this card with the intention of holding it until TOTW is announced on Wednesday. Rather, I will do what I have stated before: sell on the hype. Many people will buy this card in the coming days in hopes he will make it in TOTW3 and really cash in. For me, I will sell before EA makes the announcement, take my guaranteed profit, and rid myself of any worry that he might not get a new card this Wednesday.

One of the reasons I like this investment option so much is because it offers a quick turnaround. I bought this card Sunday night, and in just 2 days I should make 10-15K profit. Whenever investing, always consider how much time it takes for your investments to pay off; make choices that have great time to profit margin ratios.

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What do you think of Icon prices with WL coming up? I know it sounds risky but I’ve been making a lot of coins buying icons when there are tons on the market and selling when there are close to zero on the market. Makes it easy to set price points when I have the only card on the market. Do you think majority of the lower (85 litmanen, 85 deco, etc) cards will go up or stay around the same point?


Any advice on good sources for TOTW predictions? I noticed Brahimi went from ~3k to 10k after getting TOTW.


Thanks, appreciate the insight. In that case do you think investing in TOTW predictions is worth it going forward? Or would it be smarter to focus elsewhere? I have about 100k counting investments (about 20k in coins at the moment).


Sounds good, thanks. Great job with the site!


Sitting at 400K, have 3 OTW Bernardeschi cards and a bunch of regular gold Douglas Costa & Serge Aurier cards. When should I sell those cards? And, what are some other safe investments (b/c Semedo already shot up, think I missed the train on that one), will pretty much any highly rated and sought after player (Ramos for instance) be profitable if i buy now and sell friday?


The Salah cards sell as soon as they’re put on the market for 30,000 are the different filter strategies to actually get one? It says already sold everytime, but no seconds have even run off


You might give an example on how to change filters so that the market updates every time you search. IE starting with max bid and taking it down 1 notch each time you search for snipes.


Do you think EA will update semedos price? If so he would still be an option to invest in as his price is still right around 12k