Looking forward to another profitable week of investments. I hope you all had the chance to capitalize on the different recommendations we had last week (*cough cough* Cech) and are ready to do it again. Let’s dive in.

Cedric Bakambu – 81 Base Card

Let’s just start with the basic facts. Limited supply due to a Week 1 TOTW card. La Liga already struggles to have viable strikers within a decent price range. Bakambu is fast, strong and has a 4 star weak foot. A Week 3 TOTW card could be coming, which would further diminish the supply of the base 81. Recommendation: at 4k, buy as many as you’re comfortable with and sell either this week Thursday or Friday.





James McCarthy – 80 Base Card

An 80 rated EPL card going for discard? Interesting. Provides a near perfect opportunity leading into this week as Ireland plays Wales and will likely be a Marquee Matchup (MM). This is a no risk investment with huge potential. I normally like to sell in the hype, but with this particular opportunity, hold the card through MM release and watch his price spike.





Just two recommendations so far this week, but both could turn into massive profits.

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What would you think about investing in Isco, since he’s rumored to be in TOTW? Already a high demand player at 45k.