Filter That Made Me 400K This Weekend

Some people have asked for filters, and this is the best one I’ve used to date. Set your quality to silver, position to midfielders, and nation to England. Set a max bin of 500 coins (sometimes less, depending on how their prices are doing) and snipe away. Also, you can bid on these players for the same amount, but I have found more success with sniping than bidding. Then, compare prices, and set your minimum BIN to somewhere near the lowest current minimum BIN; if I see a player is going for 1000, I’ll set mine to somewhere between 950 and 1100.

This filter works so well because there is “One Nation Midfield” SBC that requires 5 midfielders from the same nation but from different leagues. There are not a lot of nations where this is possible, and England is often the country that people choose to use.

At this point, this filter isn’t quite as profitable as it was over the weekend. Many people have already completed the SBC, and as a result there is less demand for the players. However, if you fill up your transfer list and keep relisting every hour, I still think you could see profit in the 15-30k range per hour.

Any time you are in need of a filter, look at the current SBC’s and evaluate what players are in demand at that time. Look at what their low BIN’s are and snipe/bid away. We will have new marquee matchups in the next couple days, so keep an eye out for what players will be required for those.