Coming Sunday: Fantasy FIFA

I’ve been playing with this idea in my mind for the last couple days, and I think it could be an awesome weekly competition. We have Fantasy Football, Fantasy Basketball, and Fantasy Baseball, but why not Fantasy FIFA?

How It Would Work

Every Sunday night, I will give you guys 5 things: A Weekly Budget, Players to Buy, Prices to Buy at (based on what they are going for in the hour following Squad Battle Rewards), Time to Sell, and the reasons behind the investments. You make your picks of who you think will go up in price that week, and whoever makes the most profit off their weekly budget wins. I am open to gifting some prize (like FIFA points or something like that) to the winner every week, but only after I know that there is interest in this and that we can create a system that isn’t “rigged”.


Let’s say we took this past week Sunday as an example. First, I would set your budget for the week.

Budget: 100,000 coins

Then, I would make a table with players, prices, selling times, and reasons why I think they are a good investment.

Player PriceSell Time (UK) Reason
Bakambu2,000Wednesday before TOTW OR Friday for WLThe Villareal striker had 3 goals and might get a TOTW card, causing him to go out of packs and decrease his supply.
Fellaini2,000Wednesday before TOTW OR Friday for WLWith 2 goals at the CM position, the Belgian looks poised to grab a spot in TOTW3.
Harry Kane55,000Wednesday before TOTW OR Friday for WLKane is all but extinct. With a price increase and potential IF incoming, his price should only rise.
OTW Yarmolenko80,000Wednesday before TOTW OR Friday for WLGrabbing a goal and assist in Dortmund’s win v. Augsburg, Lenko’s OTW card very well could get an upgrade.

Chief’s Picks: 1 Yarmolenko (80,000), 5 Fellaini’s sold before TOTW (10,000), 5 Bakambu’s sold Friday before WL (10,000)

For Sunday I will have many more options than this, but the table gives you an idea of what to expect; there will be OTW players rumored for TOTW, base players rumored for TOTW, players that are extinct, current TOTW players that are undercut Sunday night, Marquee Matchup possibilties, squad fitness, and potentially even Icons because of Throwback Thursday SBC’s.

As for time to sell, I cannot give you any exact times as people could buy up the market, or list up the market, to rig the competition in their favor. If anyone else has any better ideas, I am open to suggestions.

Why It Would Be Cool

  1. You have the potential to get free FIFA points. What better reason do you need?
  2. It will give you a variety of options of players to invest in IRL.
  3. The results will give us some data on what strategies tend to be most successful when it comes to investing.
  4. You will be able to take some chances without the risk of losing out on your coins.

What do you guys think? Interested? Good idea? I’d love to hear some feedback.


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This is an amazing idea. It will give insight into the market for people like me who aren’t the greatest traders and also will allow us to share tips with each other while having fun!

If we were to set it up, I would be in 🙂


I must say this is a brilliant idea. Never seen anything of the sort and would love to get involved


Yes! Count me in. Great idea.


I am in aswel, its going to be fun!


Drop this ASAP. Tryna make more coins and have fun