How to Profit Off of TOTW Wednesdays

Each week, EA’s Team of the Week announcement turns certain players prices upside down. Here is how you can take advantage of it to make profit.

The Guys That Everyone Expects to Get TOTW


With 3 goals in Villareal’s victory last weekend against Eibar, the FIFA community thought Bakambu was a shoe-in to earn a spot on TOTW3. If that happened, this base card would be out of packs, and as a result would have less supply; people saw this as an investment opportunity. His price was around 2-3K following the match, and it slowly rose until reaching 7K immediately preceding the TOTW announcement. But EA always likes to throw curve balls, and this week the Congolese forward didn’t make the cut. Now, his price sits at 2K as people panic sell their investments.

Takeaway:ย Invest in base players that have solid performances early, and sell them a few hours before the TOTW announcement for guaranteed profit.

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When do you think the best time to invest in a Bernardeschi OTW is? 1 hour and 30 mins ago he was 53k and now he’s 46k. Do you think he’ll drop any further?


what is the best trading method if you have 150k?


Hey futchief, I recently came across your website (looks great so far) but I fear I don’t have enough coins to trade right now. I currently have around 10k, is the silver English filter still worth it? or should I trade with other things?

thanks in advance!