Reminder: Sell Your Bernardeshi’s

Although he didn’t rise much, still be sure to sell off your Bernardeshi’s before the TOTW3 announcement at 3PM UK time. If not, you could see quite a loss as many people will panic sell if he does not get a TOTW card.

That being said, realize that this could be a potential investment opportunity as well. Situations when people are panic selling and undercutting are the perfect time to make investments. Bernardeschi has 2 upcoming international matches in the next 5 days. Remember, players can get a OTW upgrade for MOTM cards as well, so he should get some hype for those fixtures.

OTW Yarmolenko has almost the same scenario; he is rumored to be in TOTW3 and has 2 international matches with Ukraine in the next week. If they are not part of the TOTW3 announcement, I’d recommend monitoring both of their prices in the couple hours that follow. If you can get a good deal/snipe, jump on it.


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Hey boss, I made about 200k in the last day from your silver method. It’s seemed to of died down a bit though, you got any more trading methods/sniping filter that have that consistent of profit? Sitting @ 410k. Thanks a bunch!


Two filters I’ve had decent success with:

1. Silver, Midfielder, Germany, Max Bid 150
– I just put in bids for 150, win most of them, and then put right back on the market for 300 BIN.

2. Gold, Midfielder, England, Max Bid Depends
– Check the BIN prices for the players that you see, and that gives you an idea of how much makes sense to bid. Haven’t done this as much, but last night I bought any player I could for 800 or less. Put them up overnight for 1200 BIN and sold 80% of them.

Neither of these are crazy profitable and this is my first year doing this so no guarantees they’ll hold up, but they do work.