Fantasy FIFA: Week 1


1. You MUST submit your picks by 6PM UK time. No exceptions.

2. Include the player, how many, and sell time when making selections.

3. You cannot go over the weekly budget. If you do, your picks will not be valid.

4. You may only submit selections once; to enforce this, include your Xbox/PS/PC username in the comment OR message me on Twitter if you don’t want others to know your information.

5. For this week, we will not have a prize as I am unsure of the fairness of the system. However, if all goes smoothly, expect a $10 gift card for FIFA points to the winner in the coming weeks.

6. All player prices are based on Xbox.

7. Sell times are for a general time frame rather than a specific hour. This prevents participants from buying up/listing up the market and rig the competition.


500,000 Coins


PlayerPriceSell Time (UK)Reason
Robert Lewandowski290,000Wednesday before TOTW OR Friday for WLHad 3 goals against Armenia and will likely make it into TOTW 4
Nicolas Otamendi2,900Friday before POTM OR Friday after POTMMight be required for an Aguero POTM SBC
Vincent Kompany19,000Friday before POTM OR Friday after POTMCheap 85 rated PL player, might be required for Aguero SBC
Jan Vertonghen22,000Friday before POTM OR Friday after POTMCheap 85 rated PL, might be required for Kane SBC
Cesc Fabregas25,000Friday before POTM OR Friday after POTMCheap 86 rated PL, might be required for POTM SBC
OTW James Rodriguez187,000Saturday before match OR Saturday after matchFavorable matchup vs. Freiburg this week
OTW Tolisso90,000Saturday before match OR Saturday after matchFavorable matchup vs. Freiburg this week
OTW Salah310,000Saturday before match OR Saturday after matchBig fixture vs. Man U that should get a lot of hype, and might get TOTW
IF Meunier58,000Friday for WLBest RB for Belgium/Ligue with solid stats and will be going out of packs.
IF Patricio18,000Friday for WLCheap, high rated IF and will be going out of packs.
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OTW Bernadeschi – 45 000 – Sell: Monday before ITA-ALB game, or Wed before TOTW. Reason: Shaarawy and Candreva are out with minor injuries and Albania should be an easy game for ITA. Sell either on hype or if he actually has a good game. Pulisic 850 (x20 = 17 000) – Sell: Wed before TOTW. Reason: An assist and a goal in a good game for the US. One of the rare US players in europe. Look to sell on wed for up double price. Robert Lewandowski – 290 000 – Same time same reason, the most lock for TOTW. OTW Sigurdsson – 49 000 – Sell – Wed before TOTW, or Next Wed before TOTW. Reason: Sigurdsson is a key figure in Iceland’s and Evertons games, and he has 2 promising fixtures coming up. Sell on hype. Thiago / Isco – 60 000, Sell: Wed before TOTW, Reason: I’m undecided between which one i’d finally pick, If you can, watch the Spain-Israel game and buy during the game. Either way, Thiago is a safe long-term investment too, he is sure to be getting IF’s with bayern this year. Now that I’d technically sell most my players by wednesday,… Read more »


Alright, will get it right next week then!


If I can correct my picks they are as follows:
1 Lewandowski – 290 – Sell Friday for WL
1 OTW James – Sell sat AFTER match
1 Verthongen – Sell fri for WL



I’ve bought:
1 James – 170k
2 Bernadeschi’s – 1 46k 1 44.5k
1 Meunier – 50k
1 Rui Patricio – 16,750k
2 Vertonghen’s – 22k and 21.5
13 Otamendi’s – All 2.6k and under
15 Pulisic’s – All 800

Currently have 55k, anything else I should invest in? Or any sniping methods?



1 James – 170k – Sell BEFORE match
1 Meunier – 50k – Sell Friday
1 Patricio – 16,750 – Sell Friday
2 Vertonghen – 42k – Sell before POTM
13 Otamendi – 32.5k – Sell before POTM

Is this correct?

Xbox: Its Kagawa


1 Lewandowski – Sell Friday
60 Otamendi – Sell Friday AFTER POTM


Damn. I totally forgot about this….. Will be looking forward to it next week.


Maybe next week 🙁