How These Prime Icon SBC’s Will Effect The Market

After much speculation and anticipation, EA dropped the first prime icon SBCs today. Featuring Del Piero, Marc Overmars and Rui Costa, there is one big thing about these challenges that took the FIFA community by surprise.

They Don’t Expire

Many people thought that these SBCs would be released on “Throwback Thursdays” throughout the year and last for only day. However, EA threw a curve ball at us: these SBCs will last for the entirety of the FIFA 18 season.

What does this mean? Well, last year high rated players and informs varied in price according to their SBC demand. For example, Oblak didn’t have amazing in-game value, but his 87 rating made him useful for SBCs with high rating requirements. When these SBCs dropped during special events, his price shot up.

The same goes with informs; their prices fluctuated according to SBC demand.

But that was FIFA 17. With these Icon SBCs lasting all year, that means these high rated and inform cards will always have value. Brilliant move on EA’s part to be honest; this prevents the market from ever really “crashing”.

In my Low Risk Trading Methods, the last strategy described is stocking up on high rated players for SBCs. While I don’t think this method will be as profitable as before because of these non-expiring Icon challenges, there are still coins to be made with this technique. Here’s why:

Much of the FIFA community won’t do the Prime Icon SBCs; it is simply too expensive and not worth the untradable reward. However, guaranteed TOTW SBCs are on the horizon, and A LOT of players choose to complete these challenges. When they drop, high rated squads will be required. The demand for these players will increase and, as a result, their prices will go up as well.

Hope this helped you guys understand what went down today. As always, please ask if you have any questions.


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i invested in 7 86’s and 26 84’s

the 86’s have increase but the 84’s haven’t.

when should i sell my players?


the players where Pepe, Timo Horn, Fahman, Burki, Icardi btw

Bruno Andersen

Do you think i should buy Robben now instead of waiting for his price to come down?

Bruno Andersen

Will Sokratis be a good investment for icon sbc’s Maybe on thursday