Results: Fantasy FIFA Week 1

To say this was a crazy week for the FIFA market would be an understatement. Hero cards. Harry Kane POTM. Russian and Liga NOS League SBCs. And, or course, our first “Prime” Icons. Here’s how these events effected our Fantasy FIFA Week 1 Lineup.

*tax not included*

Budget: 500,000 Coins



PlayerBuy PriceSell Price by Time (UK)% Change (+/-)
Robert Lewandowski290,000Wednesday before TOTW (320,000OR Friday for WL (305,000)Before TOTW : +10%

Friday for WL: +5%

Nicolas Otamendi2,900Friday before POTM (4,000OR Friday after POTM (2,000)Before POTM: +38%

After POTM: -31%

Vincent Kompany19,000Friday before POTM (25,000OR Friday after POTM (19,000)Before POTM: +32%

After POTM: 0%

Jan Vertonghen22,000Friday before POTM (30,000OR Friday after POTM (24,000)Before POTM: +36%

After POTM: +9%

Cesc Fabregas25,000Friday before POTM (36,000OR Friday after POTM (33,000)Before POTM: +44%

After POTM: +32%

OTW James Rodriguez187,000Saturday before match (200,000OR Saturday after match (180,000)Before match: +7%

After match: -4%

OTW Tolisso90,000Saturday before match (120,000OR Saturday after match (100,000)Before match: +33%

After match: +11%

OTW Salah310,000Saturday before match (320,000OR Saturday after match (295,000)Before match: +3%

After match: -5%

IF Meunier58,000Friday for WL (55,000)Friday for WL: -5%
IF Patricio18,000Friday for WL (42,000)Friday for WL: +133%

Increasing by 133% from Sunday to Friday, inform Rui Patricio was by far the best investment for the week. High rated informs were required for both the Kane POTM and Icon SBCs, and his price soared as a result. Selling Fabregas before the POTM announcement came in 2nd with a 44% increase, and Otamendi’s 38% hike was the 3rd best call of the week.

Optimal Lineup:

  • 27 Patricios bought for 486,000 and sold for 1,134,000
  • 4 Otamendis bought for 11,600 and sold for 16,000 before POTM
  • TOTAL: 1,150,000


  1. Chief : 4xPatricio (168,000) + 2xMeunier (110,000) + 1xLew (305,000) + 1xVertonghen (24,000) = 607,000
  2. AidenGen : 1xJames (200,000) + 1xMeunier (55,000) + 1xPatricio (42,000) + 2xVertonghen (60,000) + 13xOtamendi (52,000) = 409,000 + uninvested coins (155,000) = 564,000
  3. Aleks : 1xLew (305,000) + 1xJames (180,000) + 1xVertonghen (24,000) = 509,000
  4. WavyCheese : 1xLewandowski (305,000) + 60xOtamendi (120,000) = 425,000 +uninvested coins (36,000) = 461,000

I will be releasing Week 2 Fantasy FIFA tomorrow night. For a list of the rules, look at this post from Week 1. Hope you all will throw your hat in the ring! When we get enough participants (lets say 30), I’ll start doing a weekly prize. So tell your friends!



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Do you have any recommended sniping filters right now? i have 10k, and never traded before.


Hey Boss, you think immobile is a good player to buy? Can get on bid for 1.7 and under and sells for 2.2, scored twice vs Juve


Thereau a good shout too? 1.4k can get for under 900.. 2 goals vs Udinese game still in 65th min