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When will Zaha be at his cheapest


should I invest in any totw? Haven’t played since 2012 and then u bought good informs on tuesdays and let it rise when it no longer was in packs. Is it still a thing? Or what do you recommend?

I forgot to post in the Q&A but I’ll make ask here instead. Started playing again and I really enjoy trading. But I’ve been out of the game for a while and want to get back in. I made a great investment in the Russian league sbc and sold all my 150 Russians expensive. And now I’ve invested in 4 Kessiè. (missed MM)

what should I do next? Is it always predict MM/leagues, sniping players in specific
Sbc’s? Let’s say I have 250 000k when I have sold off everything + profit. How do I go from there towards the million?

Appreciate your website and tips, keep up the good work!