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I had the idea for creating this site back in May, and after a summer of brainstorming, writing, and researching, FUT Chief was launched in early August (a bit more on the process, if you’re curious). A lot of time went into building this site, and I’m continuously thinking of new ways to improve it. I’d really appreciate if you took the time to do this poll!

If there is another reason you like the site that isn’t listed, please give your feedback in the comments below!


What do you like most about the site? (select all that apply)

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The content is good. Just keep going Chief, people will come


Hi Chief, I’m relatively new to the site (since last week). The content is amazing and really informative, I had around 500k through pack luck of around 300k and just playing the game. I have since invested in OTW Kessie, Rodriguez, Tolisso and a few discard IFs from reading your posts and I know that I am going to make coins as they are already profiting. Except for the IFs but I am hopeful they will rise by Friday. Keep doing what you are doing and people will come. I have already told a few friends about the site. Thanks for the tips!


Yeah, I invested a little in Elyounoussi (3 @ 12k) and Zuber (4 @ 12k). So I am just hoping they rise to at least 13/14k so I can offload them. If not I guess it’s a lesson learnt to pick my low rated informs more carefully.

Yeah, my plan is to offload the OTWs before the match as I got them pretty cheap, Rodriguez was 170k etc. Not sure I am a fan of waiting in case they get an inform, to high risk for me.

Also just read there on how you started. If you ever have any issues with the website you can always shoot me an email and I will try to help out. I do it for a living xD


Hey Chief,

Have you ever thought of doing a marque matchup prediction and recommended investments each week, as well as when to buy.