Marquee Matchup Predictions

As Chief has stated in the past, with investing, it’s all about starting early. Marquee Matchups can be tricky, but if you buy early good things can happen regardless of the result. If you have the coins to spare and can sit on these until next week Tuesday, I recommend buying today when WL rewards come out and selling in the hype. Let’s dive in.

#1 – Panathinaikos FC vs. Olympiacos

Quite literally known as the “Derby of the Eternal Enemies” this game has high likelihood of being chosen for a few reasons. The rivalry. Non-major league, which EA like to throw at us to mess things up. Lastly, these are two top clubs from the league. I personally like Hult in this scenario. He’s a rare, above average rating for all cards between teams, and limited LB cards.

#2 – Milan vs. Juventus

A lot of big names in this matchup between top clubs provides why I like this matchup to be chosen. With a somewhat limited selection on “cheap” cards to invest in, this could provide a great return. Look for cards that are higher rated and in positions that have a limited selection. I like Lichtsteiner the most and the LB Rodriguez next.

#3 – Manchester United vs. Tottenham Hotspur

Two of the top clubs in the most popular league squaring off gives this matchup great promise of being a MM. Another prime reason is that a W for Man U here could move them into first place. With so many expensive cards between these teams, the value is in the backups. I love both GK’s Vorm and Romero and CB Dier for investing opportunities.

#4 – Birmingham City vs. Aston Villa

I love this being chosen for one major reason. The history that built up this rivalry goes back over 120 years. Another reason I like this is because EA like to choose odd matchups, and while the matchup itself isn’t odd, the cards to invest in, make it somewhat difficult to be successful. I’m going to stick with what has worked in the past and recommend choosing cards that have limited availability in the position. I like Andre Green (LM) and Jonathan Grounds (LB) the most.

#5 – Hibernian FC vs. Heart of Midlothian

Another derby here. But this one dates back to 1870’s, which makes it one of the oldest, active rivalries. With a limited selection of cards to invest in, I would recommend looking for cards that are near discard to minimize risk. I like Sutchuin-Djoum as one possibility for investment here. Look to try and win cards on bid from these two teams as your best chance for profit.

#6 – Al Nassr vs. Al Hilal

I like this to be chosen for a few reasons. These are two top clubs in the league and a win for Al Hilal can put them into first place. Of course, this is another derby, the Riyadh Derby. My best suggestion is to look for cards near discard, and if running into problems there, try to win some on bid. Hard to recommend any certain cards here.

I want to reiterate; I would recommend buying as prices depreciate during WL rewards being released and selling during the hype leading to MM’s. I’d love to hear your thoughts on who will be the final 4 by taking the poll below!

Who will make it in the Marquee Matchups this week?

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Best of luck and feel free to drop any questions or comments you have below.




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Great predictions Duda! I hope this gonna be a weekly topic. I hate searching for derbys on my own :p
Deffo buying in to the scottish derby.

Dr. Duda

I appreciate the feedback! Hoping for a successful first week of tips and definitely plan on making this a weekly topic.


Aberdeen – Celtic and Bayern – Leipzig possibilities aswell IMO