Fantasy FIFA Week 3


1. You MUST submit your picks by 5:59 PM UK time on Tuesday. No exceptions.

2. Include the player, how many, and sell time when making selections.

3. You cannot go over the weekly budget. If you do, your picks will not be valid.

4. You may only submit selections once; to enforce this, include your Xbox/PS/PC username in the comment OR message me on Twitter if you don’t want others to know your information.

5. For this week, we will not have a prize as I am unsure of the fairness of the system. However, if all goes smoothly, expect a $10 gift card for FIFA points to the winner in the coming weeks.

6. All player prices are based on Xbox.

7. Sell times are for a general time frame rather than a specific hour. This prevents participants from buying up/listing up the market and rig the competition.

8. You CANNOT have more than 100 players total in your picks.


400,000 Coins


PlayerBuy PriceSell Time (UK)Reason
1IF Gabriel Jesus360,000Friday for WLTop premier league striker option
1IF Alessandrini22,000Friday for WLAmazing stats and good nation with 4* Skills and Weak Foot
1IF Iago Aspas33,000Friday for WLCheap high rated inform that will prove useful for SBCs
“Scream” Forster27,000Friday for WLCheap Scream player that could be useful for SBCs
Mattia Perrin1,000Friday for WLCheapest 83 rated player, might be useful for SBCs
Ralf Fahrmann2,000Friday for WLCheapest 84 rated player, might be useful for SBCs
Cheapest Olympiacos Gold500Tuesday after Marquee MatchupsBig fixture against Panathinaikos Sunday
Cheapest AC Milan Gold500Tuesday after Marquee MatchupsAgainst Juventus this weekend
Cheapest Al Hilal Gold500Tuesday after Marquee MatchupsRiyadh derby v. Al Nassr

Chief’s Picks:

  • 50 Farhmanns (100,000)
  • 28 Perrins (28,000)
  • 6 “Scream” Forsters (162,000)
  • 5 Alessandrinis (110,000)
  • = 400,000 Total
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40 Olympiacos
10 Fahrmann
10 Aspas
30 Perrin


First of all sorry for my english it’s so low. Second one, congratulations for your web page, it’s amazing, really dude, so useful for noobs like me in that fifa 18. And finally i want ask you some questions (i’ts my first fifa, my objective it’s take CR (Love this player and RMD)), im new in the Fifa and in the market, i read it the best day for buy normally it’s the Monday, can you explain me at ¿what hour it’s better for buy? The other question i have it’s, for you what it’s the best method for invest? Today I invested in pre totw (Bathstuayi (BP 700 SLL 1100-1400) and Otamendi (BP 1200 SLL 1500-1900), and they give me now some benefit) and i’ll invest in marquee, but idk what it’s the best method for take money. The other question i have if what do you think about my invest for this tuesday : x 19 Romero (GK MAN U BUY PRICE 300 – 450) X 28 Marko Marin (MCO Olympiacos BUY PRICE 300 – 450) x 9 Lichtsteiner (Juventus BUY PRICE 750) And if you can give some advice for improve (websites or some trick) I will… Read more »


Thank you so much dude, i appreciate it your answer.
Unfortunately i forgot buy a base gold cards for screams but today i read it your posts about POTM and Traore OTW.
¿What you recommend? and ¿what is the best time for sell in this options? (sry for ask about sell time but i dont understand so much the mechanics in that inv methods).
And about for marquee matchups for invest you take in consideration some aspect (like nation, position) and for example i did a good invest with Marko Merin (It’s olym player, but for example when i search other silvers they cost x100 more)
And dont worrry dude,im learning english for read this site every week!


100x Olympiacos (50,000)
50x Fahrman (100000)
100x Perrin (100000)
5x Alessandrinis (110000)
1x “SCREAM”Forster (27000)
26x AC Milan (13000)


80 x Al Hilal (40.000)
1 x 1IF Gabriel Jesus (360.000)


Dr. Duda

50 cheapest Olympiacos Gold (25,000)
25 Perrin’s (25,000)
10 “Scream” Forster (270,000)
3 Alessandrini IF – (66,000)
7 Fahrmann (14,000)

95 Players – 400,000