October POTM Investments

Outscoring their opponents 10-2, Manchester City has been having a stellar month. Their stellar attack consisting of Sane, Sterling, De Bruyne and Jesus have been putting up goals in bunches.

Kevin De Bruyne03
Leroy Sane22
Raheem Sterling12
Gabriel Jesus20

With one more match remaining this month (against West Brom), it is hard to say which of these players will lead the nominations for POTM. However, because they have been in such good form, you can expect someone from Man City to win (or at the very least get hyped to win) the award for October. Here are some good options for investment.

These 3 Manchester City players are the cheapest BPL players for their respective ratings. I’d recommend to monitor their prices over the next week and try to get them on a deal by BID or BIN. Thursday following Weekend League rewards is a good time to pick up both Silva’s (not Kompany though, because he isn’t in packs because of his Scream card). Their prices should rise in the hype for October POTM, ESPECIALLY if Manchester City runs up the score against West Brom this weekend.