Q & A Tuesday: Week 5

This will be a weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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Hey Chief – due to some lucky pulls I have 1.2 Million in the bank. Saving up for a Reus-Auuba-Messi attack – when could you see it be possible to afford it? Will Messi eventually get to 700k?





Would IF Aspas be a good investment? He’s 85 rated and currently goes for ~32k open bid
Danilo Pereira and Rui Patricio who both are 85 rated themselves go for 44k+


Hi chief.

Followed some of the advice of your excellent site regarding investing in this weeks MM.

Some paid off handsomely but I am left with around 30 Al Hilal & Al Nassr players, who didnt feature in the MM in the end. All bought for no more than discard so nothing lost but just wondered whether you think there is any point holding onto them for any future events or has that boat sailed now & quickly selling to free up the funds the way to go?



Hi Chief, many thanks for your other answers.
I would like to make question about the aspects you keep in mind for do a great investments.
Other chose will like ask you it’s about marquee, for example, this week when you do it the prediction for example (19 oct) Milic was in 1250 and for example this sunday was in 1700. ¿It’s better for marquee buy when you do it the prediction? (or before) or this case it’s a exception and always it’s better past the squadd rewards.
Other question about this is why the silver players are more expensive than the gold? (for exemple Milic it’s more expensive than Marko (2 olympik players))
Sorry for ask a lot dude but Im triyng to understand all of the market meta for will be a great investor like you for do my own investments!


Thanks forthe explain, very clear!
One question more,who/what’s Dan Duda??


Oh sounds good then!
What do you think about next Marquee Matchups? Im thinking about Dortumund – Bayern, River – Boca, Olympique Lyonnais – Saint-Étienne and Huesca – Zaragoza.
If all go good, now it’s the best moment for invest in?
Thank you mate!

Stu Greenham

Hey Chief,

Great advice and site! I took a punt on the Olympiakos high rated cm’s and bought 80 at 350 a pop and almost all have sold tonight for 2000. Do you think this is a safe strategy going for CM’s and selling soon as it’s launched or would they have gone up more if I waited? Also do you recommend sticking with players of that same nationality so in that example Greece?

Slightly off subject but would lukaku otw be a safe investment and wait till he has a solid week of scoring?


Hey boss, I’ve picked up about 4x Bruma for 40k because I feel as he will rise because normal when he played (currently on a short term injury, maybe a week max if that) he was up to 59k, is this a good investment or should I just look to get rid of him for minimal profit? Also when will your next MM predictions drop? I made bank off your last one 🙏🏽