Big Investing Opportunity: IF Dost and IF Hilton


Cheap, high rated informs are always your friend. These two players are in this TOTW and are already priced lowest for their respective ratings. Weekend league rewards will drop soon, and this will push their prices down even further. I’m looking to pick up Dost for around Hilton for 16-17k and Dost for 25k. You can win them on snipe or bid, but my guess is open bid will be the easier option. Good luck!

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Great advice man!
Im bought x4 Dost, when should sell them?


Thank you so much dude, and another question. How are you do for invest with many players? I only can invest with 80 (My list transfer (40) and other 30 in objectives (idk the name in english) how do you do for take more? (I tried lave them without assignament, but it’s so borred becouse when i finish a gamei only can exit the game or lose the players)


Yes that i knowed but the problem for me its since a 3 weeks my xp didnt up. I have another chance for increase?


Unrelated to this post, but I have a Brazilian team and am looking to add Willian and Firmino. I noticed that both of them have dropped about 50% over the past 10 days. I have seen similar drop off for other 83-85 players (eg. Alejandro Gomez), and was wondering if this should be permanent, or there prices will rise back up for some reason.


Thanks, appreciate it

Lachy Cox

Do you think iniesta 88 inform would be worth in invest?
I have a feeling 65k (on ps4) is way too cheap for him, and he will drop lower on SB rewards.