Weekly Buy/Sell Schedule

While there is no one-size-fits-all guide to investing, there are some general guidelines to when buying and selling players will maximize your profit. Here is how you can think about your FUT weeks from an investors perspective.

Buy: SB Rewards (1AM UK)Sell: Marquee Matcups (6PM UK)Buy: Marquee MatchupsBuy: WL Rewards (7PM UK)Sell: Investments

Monday – BUY

The completion of weekend league and release of Squad Battle rewards makes Sunday night/Monday morning a huge sell day. People list up their packed players and squads from the weekend, often pushing down prices. If you have players in mind for investment, this is a good time to grab them. Investment examples: Current TOTW Informs, Investments for Upcoming SBCs (POTM, MM, high rated players, etc.)

This week, I’ll have my eye on IF Dost and Hilton on Sunday night, along with David Silva, Vincent Kompany and Bernardo Silva for the upcoming October POTM. I often reference players I like in my weekly Fantasy FIFA posts.

Tuesday  – SELL

For those of us with smaller budgets and less experience trading, weekly Marquee Matchups are a great way to throw your hat in the ring. It is best to sell these investments shortly after their 6PM UK time release; their prices decrease as the week goes on.

NOTE: If you are good on the snipe, you could consider Tuesdays a “Buy” day as well. People often don’t realize the value of a card if it is in a new Marquee Matchup, and you can get some great deals if you’re quick on the trigger.

Wednesday – BUY

Buying early is imperative when it comes to Marquee Matchups, but with so many leagues and derbies in world football, sometimes its hard to make calls on what fixtures will get chosen. Luckily, the weekly Marquee Matchup Predictions on Wednesdays help you get your hands on players that will likely get picked nearly a week before the next slate of SBCs. This way, you can make coins on hype alone for the upcoming Marquee Matchups.

Take this week for example. River Plate v. Boca Juniors is a game that EVERYONE thinks will get picked next week, but it took until Thursday/Friday for a lot of people to start investing. On Wednesday, you could have gotten Casco (only LB for River Plate) for discard. Now, his lowest BIN is already at 1000, and that price will only rise as we approach next week Tuesday’s Marquee Matchups.

Thursday – BUY

While I don’t think buying following WL rewards is as profitable as following SB rewards, there is still opportunity for profit if you can grab a good deal on the BID or snipe. With so many people mass listing, there are always cards that will fall through the cracks.\

Friday – SELL

Over the course of any given week, the market tends to be highest on Fridays; the combination of people buying up their WL squads and new SBCs increase demand for players across the board. This week, be prepared for EA to drop a challenge tied with the Scream event. Monitor your investments’ prices (high rated players, Scream players, etc.) and sell accordingly.

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Thank you so much dude, so helpful for noobs in the market like me!
I will continue here for read all the news!