Marquee Matchups Predictions

The international break is upon us! But, this poses a slightly different angle to Marquee Matchups. I hope you all were able to capitalize and make some great profit on last weeks post. Expect to see a pattern through my recommendations here: discard gold cards. Letโ€™s get started.

European WCย Playoffs

Northern Ireland v. Switzerland

This matchup provides a unique opportunity as Northern Ireland has just 4 gold cards for the whole nation. I’d like to target CB’s and CM’s in this situation as they will have to be used if this matchup is chosen. Look at Gareth McAuley from Northern Ireland or Fabian Frei from Switzerland as good opportunities with limited risk. Even better if you can win these on bid.

Croatia v. Greece

Both of these countries have enough gold cards to invest in. Try to look for, you know… discard gold cards. I like Mario Pasalic from Croatia and Petros Mantalos from Greece as good options. Ideally try to win these on bid.

Denmark v. Ireland

Rather than recommend one or two specific players from this matchup, I’d like to recommend just looking for gold cards you can win on bid for below 500 coins. This matchup has plenty of cards that could suffice, so instead of targeting one, I like aiming for any you can get with limited risk.

Sweden v. Italy

This is the matchup with the most well known countries squaring off, and is my number one pick for being chosen as a Marquee Matchup. Don’t look for any specific cards in general, but with higher prices IN GENERAL than many of the other countries, look to find the current cheapest gold cards, perhaps Sebastian Larsson, and buying early.

South America/Oceania/Caribbean/Asia Playoffs

Australia v. Honduras

This is probably the hardest matchup to invest in as there are limited cards to invest in that aren’t already well above discard. Look to invest in necessary positions such as GK, CB, CM’s and trying to win on bid come Sunday when Squad Battle Rewards come out.

New Zealand v. Peru

Similar to the matchup above, there are limited golds to invest in between the teams. However, there are some cards that are still near discard that you can look for. I like Carlos Zambrano and Hansell Riojas from Peru. For New Zealand, check out Michael Fitzgerald and Winston Reid as good possibilities.

The pattern here isn’t necessarily to look for only discard golds, there’s more to it. Look to minimize your losses (risk) by finding and winning cards that only have upside, as they could also be silver cards. Think ahead and invest early. Best of luck and I’d love to hear your thoughts below!

-Dr. Duda

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Until three hours ago i was thinking about passing this weeks MMs but I just decided to go for it again. But only for the big one: Sweden – Italy. I bought about 40 golds yet from 350-500 coins.

Lets wait and see. The last week was a bit of a letdown. Both games that I invested in were picked but the SBCs were so easy and unrelated to the teams that the cashback was a bit disappointing.


I Have 37k, what matches would you recommend investing in? I thinking 85% Italy vs Sweden, 15% northern Ireland vs Switzerland. What do you think?


when would you recommend selling the Italy vs Sweeden players?


I made profit big time on the kobehavn – brondby matchup boys. Silver cards were flying 5k and even max buy in the first hour hype. Thanks for the tip !