OTW Fixtures This Week/Weekend (International Break)

 PlayerGame Time (UK)
 (92) Neymar – PSG/Brazil10.11@12:00 v. Japan (Friendly)

14.11@20:00 v. England (Friendly)

 (88) Bonucci – AC Milan/Italy10.11@19:45 v. Sweden

13.11@19:45 v. Sweden

 (86) Lukaku – Man U/Belgium10.11@19:45 v. Mexico (Friendly)

14.11@19:45 v. Japan (Friendly)

 (86) Morata – Chelsea/Spain11.11@20:30 v. Costa Rica (Friendly)

14.11@18:45 v. Russia (Friendly)

 (86) James Rodriguez – Bayern/Colombia10.11@11:00 v. South Korea (Friendly)

14.11@11:35 v. China (Friendly)

 (85) Lacazette – Arsenal/France10.11@20:00 v. Wales (Friendly)

14.11@19:45 v. Germany (Friendly)

 (83) Mbappe – PSG/France10.11@20:00 v. Wales (Friendly)

14.11@19:45 v. Germany (Friendly)

 (83) Salah – Liverpool/Egypt12.11@19:45 v. Ghana
 (83) Walker – Man City/England10.11@20:00 v. Germany (Friendly)

14.11@20:00 v. Brazil (Friendly)

 (83) Ederson – Man City/Brazil10.11@12:00 v. Japan (Friendly)

14.11@20:00 v. England (Friendly)

 (82) Tolisso – Bayern/France10.11@20:00 v. Wales (Friendly)

14.11@19:45 v. Germany (Friendly)

 (82) Sigurdsson – Everton/Iceland08.11@14:45 v. Czech Republic (Friendly)

14.11@16:30 v. Qatar (Friendly)

 (82) Bernardeschi – Juve/Italy10.11@19:45 v. Sweden

13.11@19:45 v. Sweden

 (82) Balde Diao – Monaco/Senegal10.11@17:00 v. South Africa

14.11@19:30 v. South Africa

 (82) Costa – Juve/BrazilNot in Squad
 (81) Bruma – RB Leipzig/PortugalNot in Squad
 (81) Yarmolenko – Dortmund/Ukraine10.11@18:00 v. Slovakia (Friendly)
 (81) Semedo – Barcelona/PortugalNot in Squad
 (81) Aurier – Tottenham/Ivory Coast11.11@17:30 v. Morocco
 (81) Sanchez – Tottenham/Colombia10.11@11:00 v. South Korea (Friendly)

14.11@11:35 v. China (Friendly)

 (78) Traore – Lyon/Burkina Faso14.11@19:30 v. Cape Verde
 (76) Kessie – AC Milan/Ivory Coast11.11@17:30 v. Morocco
 (75) Hernandez – Real Madrid/FranceNot in Squad
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so how does this OTW investment work?


What do you recommend Chief?


So I have noticed that several OTW players’ values drop immediately when they are announced to be on the TOTW. For example, Mbappe is player used by many teams and his OTW position is ST which most people seem to favor. So, why is his value declining? It seems counterintuitive especially because he’s the type of player that is likely to be on several TOTW in the future. My only possible logical explanation is that people are buying the RW version now because that gives them lineup options that they did not have before. Whats your take?