Thursday’s Brag Thread

Kill it in Weekend League recently? Have an insane pull in a pack? Make bank on some of your investments? Here is your chance to gloat about it.ย 

Chief’s Brags

This week, the Allsvenskan MVP SBC took us all by surprise. It requires at least one TOTW and a maximum of 2 leagues.

Luckily, I always throw some discard informs in my club and had the only 2 Allsvenskan TOTW players – Stefanelli and Sundgren.

Each purchased for under 10k, I flipped them both for about 25k on Tuesday. I might have been a bit premature in selling as their prices have increased since, but profit is profit.

On top of those two investments, I have also had great success recently in squad battles. After reading up on some tips from consistent top 100 players, I decided to switch my formation in game to this:

Since switching to the 3-4-2-1, I consistently get 2500+ points a game and am easily ranking Elite 1 in Squad Battles. If you are curious about some other tips for getting the most points possible, I’m more than willing to share!

So, what do you guys have to brag about this week?


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Would definitely be interested in the tips for getting the most points possible! I’m consistently at elite 2 and keen to press on and get to elite 1


A goal is worth like 400 (140 the goal plus 50 points in the skill points and you multiply that 190 with 2.1) points and giving up the clean sheet is about 200 (75 the clean sheet and 20 for first goal again multiplied with 2.1) points.


3421 formation playing squad battles?


Can you give player instructions and custom tatics for that 3-4-2-1?