EA Releases Path to Glory

Apologies if this post is poorly written as I want to give you my take on our current market situation quickly.

First of all, these cards act much like OTW cards; they will be upgraded as they earn a TOTW, Hero, MOTM, etc. card.

Many packs have been opened over the past couple hours, and this has driven down the price of many TOTW 8 to prices that I think are much too low.

If you are sitting on coins, I’d recommend trying to pick up some of these players soon. I think Alacer/Sirigu for 12k or less is a good deal, and Thauvin for sub 20k is a good shout.

I’ll try to right a more detailed post later on, but just wanted to give you guys an idea of where my head is at.

Good Luck!



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Wieger van der Sluis

Hey chief,
Would you recommend selling my high rated players I have on my transfer list and club before black friday or should I keep my high rated EPL players for a potential POTM sbc? I have 450k coins right now + 700k players in my club. What should I do to gain more coins. Could you tell me some methods I could try out ?