Marquee Matchups Predictions

Loved this past week of matchups and hopefully you were all able to make some serious profit. Let’s look ahead and see what makes sense for next week!

Dortmund v. Schalke

I like this matchup to be chosen because it’s both a derby and a match of top clubs from Bundesliga. My favorite guys to invest in here would be Weidenfeller, Coke (Schalke RB), and for a rare gold card, Schmelzer.

Spartak v. Zenit

A great rivalry here leads me to believe that this will be a Marquee Matchup. A great matchup between top clubs and a win for Zenit could put them into First place in the table. Look for Shatov and Samedov as your best investment options here.

Liverpool v. Chelsea

A matchup of top clubs in a top league gives us a good opportunity here. Take a look at Ings (ST) as your best option here for being a rare gold card and English to cover a possible English requirement.

Racing Club v. Independiente

Another derby, the Avellaneda Derby, provides a great chance to invest in. I love one card the most if this is chosen: Campana (GK). He’s a gold card and Argentinian. Perfect combo for this MM.


Barcelona v. Valencia

Top clubs from La Liga square off in a great matchup of 1 v. 2 in the table. I like Digne (LB) as a good investment option here as well as Paco Alcacer (ST).

PSG v. Monaco

Another matchup of 1 v. 2, this time from the French league. I like this as one of my favorites to be chosen for a MM. For investment options, I like Areola (GK) and Kurzawa (LB) the most. Otherwise look for gold cards that are at discard.

Columbus v. Toronto

I think EA might turn to the MLS this week and choose one of the two conference Finals matchups. I like this one more, but who knows what EA will do. For investments, look for discard gold cards, and discard cards from the USA as your best options here. *Cough* Jozy Altidore *Cough*

Houston v. Seattle

The other MLS conference finals matchup here as my last option for a MM. Same advice for this one as the other, target USA cards at discard as your safest investment.

As per usual, I would love to hear your thoughts on my predictions, your own predictions, or any random comments you could have! Take the poll below to see what everyone thinks will be chosen for Marquee Matchups, and good luck!


Who do you think will be chosen for Marquee Matchups?

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I didn’t monitor SBCs last year so I don’t know if this rule holds, but EA has yet to pick the same big 5 league in back to back weeks (even when you ignore international breaks). Also worth noting this would be Dortmund’s 3rd MM this season if they get it, as they are one of just 4 teams with 2 appearances.


Exactly my thoughts Hank.

Schalke – Dortmund and Barca – Valencia would really surprise me.

I am going for the russian and france league MMs. I dont have much space on the TL though as about 40 dicard IFs from last week are waiting to be sold.


Chief, i only have 30k to invest in this weeks MM. what team do you think i should invest in


Thanks Chief. Had invested 20k in Spartak-Zenit got like 100k back


Hi Chief! Great website. Its awesome. if i were to invest 100k in MM do you think its worth investing around 10-20k into Mls conference semis? Or would it turn into a loss in your opinion. Thanks in advance.

Pandelis Symeonidis

I just packed Piszeck and Falcao from the squad battles rewards. Should I keep them? Is their price going to rise?